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Career Development

Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Your way.
NBK Careers. Speak the language of ambition.

At NBK we respect individuality and therefore offer support and facilities according to your needs and ambitions. From training programs to internships, get ready to boost your learning curve.


Employing some of the most competitive techniques from around the world, you can learn from the best in-house courses and techniques. Boasting one of the biggest state-of-the-art training centres in the banking world, NBK provides comprehensive guidance and education in fields of customer service and developing strategic financial solutions.

Internship Program

Undergraduate Program
As a student, our summer internship offers you on-the-job training complete with the necessary tools and knowledge to help develop skills in your desired field. On completion, students will receive a certificate and a monetary award and a chance to work full-time with NBK.

Al Azraq Summer Internship
This two-week orientation program is the perfect opportunity for Al Azraq package holders. Giving a broad insight into the world of finances, youngsters can kick-start their financial future and learn more about banking.