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NBK Testimonials. Hear what others have to say.

  • The National Bank of Kuwait is by far the best organization in Kuwait, it has a high level of professionalism that matches global institutions.  To me that’s where I wanted to work to get exposed to a very essential and important sector of the economy which is banking and to be a part of a multinational company where I can build my newly established career path.

  • Upon graduating I decided to look for a company that would nurture my skills, allow me apply those skills in real world scenarios and help me feel like the work I will contribute would be meaningful by benefiting the group. It is important to gain valuable experience as an entry applicant, but also as important to offer and use the new skills and qualities acquired in school. There aren’t many companies that could properly foster fresh graduates and shape them into the future professionals of Kuwait. It had to be a place that excelled in professionalism, quality of work, and care for their workforce and clients, all of which seemed to point to the traits embodied at the National Bank of Kuwait

  • Knowing that NBK is considered to be the Best Bank in Kuwait and a top rated bank in the Middle East, I choose NBK since it maintains its high standard of professionalism and has the ability to provide me with a vast exposure of experience. This way I could expand my knowledge and have a prosperous career.

  • I personally chose NBK for many reasons: To extend my career technical & business skills, to join a large leading bank, to be part of professional organization, to share my expertise, learn and share my experience with others staff, and finally because I believe that my numerous skills will help the organization.

  • NBK is the leading bank in Kuwait. It is the bank, which drives on the value, takes care of employees and customers alike. It's a fast growing bank known for its quality services in banking, so it makes me proud being called as NBK employee. I trust NBK to provide me all the opportunities to prove myself and grow my career along with the organization.

  • I chose NBK because it is considered one of the leading banks in the region, offers many chances to get ahead in the business field and is a good educational source. I like the way how supportive NBK is towards new graduates. Personally, I felt like it is the kind of place that would appreciate hard work and offer stability