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NBK is endeavored to maintain the highest level of standards in compliance. We continuously adapt to an evolving global regulatory environment. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of regulatory preparedness and we understand the importance of transparency in all our dealings as well as sharing insights and expertise with our correspondents.

All our compliance programs are designed to follow applicable laws and regulations in the geographies where we operate. We perform our obligations at all times in compliance with all applicable legal requirements.

Institutional Banking Division


Institutional Banking Division (IBD) manages NBK's correspondent banking relationships globally. The division is responsible for servicing its diverse clientele with top-tier financial products and services, as well as ensuring that all regulatory requirements are adhered to in connection with credit limits and compliance.

IBD maintains communication channels with NBK's 16 overseas branches and subsidiaries, and offers a wide-range of products and services that cater to local and international financial institutions. Leveraging NBK Group's footprint and expertise while acting as a centralized business hub, IBD identifies and delivers opportunities to clients through tailor-made solutions.

The Bank's commitment to its relationships is enforced by a team of dedicated professionals offering a wide selection of solutions, including:

  • Account Services in Various Currencies
  • Call Accounts
  • Vostro Accounts
  • Commercial Payments and Collection
  • Facility Structuring
  • Syndications
  • Bilateral Loans
  • Standby Facilities
  • Relationship Management
  • Regional Cash Management
  • Regional Custody (GCC and Egypt)
  • Trade Finance
  • Risk Participation in Funded and Unfunded Transactions
  • Treasury

In addition, NBK is providing regional Custody and Clearing services to leading Financial Institutions and Mutual Funds in GCC and Egypt.

NBK Regional Custody and Clearing Services can be summarized as follows:

  • Account Opening (Establishing Trading Numbers and Custody Account Numbers in coordination)
  • Book Keeping
  • Trade Settlement and Reconciliation
  • Cash Management and FX 
  • Flash News and Market Update
  • Tax Payment and Refund
  • Corporate Actions 
  • Client Reporting