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Corporate Credit Card


You are looking for the perfect credit card that suits your spending style. Introducing NBK Corporate Credit Card that sets a new standard by adding a touch of luxury to your everyday life and travel experiences. From complimentary airport lounge access to global and regional fine dining offers, we have the perfect choices for you.

Corporate Banking Card

This card is issued to individuals, establishments or joint accounts and is used for processing financial and non-financial transactions on the following channels:

To be issued this card, you must complete and sign the account opening application form/debit card applications. Great for putting one account in many hands.

Online Banking Transaction Card

This card gives you the flexibility to transfer funds only through NBK Online Banking.

The card cannot be used though NBK Call Center or NBK Online Banking, nor used for transactions such as requesting cash withdrawal at the branch, account statement, request for checkbook, account transfer or account balance.

This is a great way to allow your employees to make online transfers with limited amounts.

How can I access it?

You can sign up with your NBK Corporate Banking Account.



  1. How can I order and pick up the card?

    The card can be requested through NBK branches’ Corporate/Private/Business Banking services by submitting an official request signed by the legal authorized personnel from the company/establishment.

    The card and its PIN can be delivered to the legal authorized personnel of the company/establishment, or as mandated in the authorization letter.