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    Dear Customer, please note that NBK - Egypt will never contact you to request any personal or confidential information regarding your accounts or cards. In case this happens, please call the Call Center immediately at 19336.

NBK Visa Credit Cards Offers


For the first time in Egypt, apply for your NBK Visa Credit Card and enjoy postponing your payments for up to 3 months starting from the month of issuance.

Who is it For?

  • Newly issued NBK Visa Credit Cards
  • For customers who have chosen 5% as the automatic payment method for direct debit from the account

What Do I Get?

You will get up to 3 months payment grace period.

What Makes It Special?

  1. The offer is the first of its kind in Egypt.
  2. Customers who newly issued NBK Visa Credit Cards will geta grace period of 3 months if the card issued during December2021.
  3. Promotion is valid for NBK Visa Classic Credit Card and NBK Visa Gold Credit Card.

How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the application form online or visit your nearest NBK Branch.

Tell Me More

  • Total credit card dues should not exceed 80% of the card’s credit limit
  • Offer is valid for eligible cards issued during the promotion period till 31st of January 2022
  • Cards that will be issued in December 2021 will have first payment before 25 March 2022
  • Cards that will be issued in January 2022 will have first payment before 25 April 2022
  1. Will the interest/ late fee be calculated during the campaign period?

    In case the bank automatically deducts the minimum amount due (5% only), you will be charged with interest rate as per the declared rates, no late payment fee  will be calculated and you will not be considered as a delinquent customer in this case.

  2. Will the bank accept any extra payment in case I need to pay during a specific month, considering that I met the campaign criteria?

    You have the option to pay through an ATM, a branch or a transfer from your account at any time. You will be charged with interest in case you pay the full amount due manually.
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