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The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) Jordan was established in 2004 by opening its first branch in the capital city Amman, to capture Kuwaiti linkages and service Group relationships locally. In 2017, the NBK Jordan relocated its headquarters to a vital area in Amman investing in a new head office which further helped to strengthen the presence and build a solid base.

NBK Jordan offers a wide range of corporate, trade, private banking and retail services and products and has fully dedicated relationship managers trained to offer tailored solutions that meet customers’ needs. NBK Jordan products and services include various types of accounts and in major currencies, cards products, online banking, safe deposit boxes, call center, credit product and trade finance. While the customer base has been broadened to include top tier local corporate, HNWIs, Affluent and Jordanian expatriates, NBK Jordan also works closely with its counterparts within NBK’s network of branches and subsidiaries to support customers with their cross-border transactions and global investment needs.

Vision & Mission

Our vision

The NBK vision is to be the trusted bank of choice, building on our core values, people and expertise.

Our mission

To deliver world-class products and the highest quality service to our customers.

To attract, develop and retain the best banking talent in the region.

To support the communities in which we operate.

To adhere to our core values of passion, integrity, conservatism and knowledge.

In following our mission, we believe that we will be able to achieve consistently superior returns to our shareholders.


The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) was established in 1952 when a prominent Kuwaiti merchant went to the British Bank of the Middle East to open a letter of guarantee for the amount of 10,000 Indian rupees, (which is equivalent today to 750 Kuwaiti dinars). Much to his surprise, his request was rejected, on the condition that he provide a guarantor. This well-known merchant was shocked and appalled by the treatment that he had received, and news of this was all over town. 

This incident gave rise to the question and the idea of having a Kuwaiti bank with a mission to serve citizens’ needs as its priority, stimulate the economic growth of the country, and look after the savings of its clients. In fact, a meeting was held with the late Amir of Kuwait, H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, who congratulated them on the idea and promised them his complete support. An Amiri decree was issued on May 19, 1952 to open the National Bank of Kuwait, and NBK started operations on November 15th 1952.

The founders of NBK are:

•    Khalid Zaid Al-Khalid
•    Ahmed Saud Al-Khaled
•    Khalifa Khalid Al-Ghunaim
•    Khaled Abdullatif Al-Hamad
•    Sayed Ali Sayed Sulieman Al-Rifai
•    Yousef Abdulziz Al-Fulaij
•    Yousef Ahmed Al-Ghanim
•    Mohamed Abdulmohsen Al-Khorafi
•    Abdulaziz Hamad Al-Sager

NBK was the first national bank in Kuwait and the entire Arabian Gulf region. All the board members and the founders of NBK were renowned merchants of Kuwaiti origin. NBK was established with a capital of 13,100 shares, each valued 1,000 Indian rupees – equivalent to 75 Kuwaiti dinars today. Over the years NBK has proved itself to be a financial leader in the Arab world.


Chairman's Message

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to introduce the National Bank of Kuwait’s 2017 Annual Report, on the occasion of our 65th Anniversary. The year saw another strong performance by the Bank, in which we increased profitability across the Group, while maintaining a leadership position in our home market of Kuwait. Our operations are reviewed in more details on the following pages, and it will be apparent to readers that our commitment to truly integrated banking solutions for our customers around the world is stronger than ever.

The economic environment
NBK continued to benefit from Kuwait’s economy, which remains largely influenced by public sector spending. With the lowest industry break-even oil prices in the GCC, the Kuwaiti government has maintained spending on the Oil and Gas sector – and while still primarily reliant on oil revenues, the country is experiencing a growing GDP contribution from other industries. NBK has participated in financing for most of the country’s major public/private projects, in Oil and Gas as well as other sectors. Kuwait’s leadership has a clear plan for the future - ‘New Kuwait 2035’ - and NBK is proud of the role it is playing to support this development program. The country remains a financial safe haven in a region experiencing both economic and political uncertainty. This is borne out by the strong sovereign ratings that have been issued by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch.

NBK at 65: a year of innovation
NBK has a long, established and celebrated track record for stability and conservatism. But this reputation does not preclude innovation for driving future growth. In 2017, the Bank’s leadership and staff made considerable progress in the enhancement of internal technology and systems, as well as in the roll-out of industry-leading digital and smart banking platforms that directly benefit customers. Through constant innovation, NBK secures its future, and ensures both the acquisition and retention of customers. Innovation and development are made possible by the people behind them. During the year we maintained our commitment to professional training, development and succession planning. This means we can be sure that – across the Bank – we have the right talent in the right place for the challenges ahead. Innovation is also apparent in the way we run our business, particularly at an international level. This year we successfully strengthened the synergies between our global branches, improving connectivity and ultimately delivering a more complete customer experience.

The Board of Directors continued to perform its duties in 2017. NBK’s Ordinary (AGM) and Extraordinary (EGM) General Assembly meeting for 2016 was held on 11 March 2017, at which there was a quorum of 79.52%. The AGM and EGM approved the Board of Directors’ recommendations to distribute a cash dividend to shareholders equivalent to 30 fils per share. No changes were made to the composition of the Board of Directors or its Committees in the course of the year. The Board and its Committees held a total of 70 meetings during 2017.

Creating shareholder value
NBK’s total market capitalization as at 31 December 2017 was KD 4.2 billion. The Board of Directors will recommend a dividend distribution of KD 174.5 million, which is equivalent to 30 fils per share, at the Annual General Meeting to be held in March 2018. In addition, the Board has also recommended the distribution of a 5% bonus share (five shares for every 100 shares owned) for the year 2017. The proposed cash dividends represent 54.1% of NBK Group’s Net Profit for the year.

Valuing all stakeholders
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the NBK Group Board of Directors for their wise counsel and leadership. On behalf of the Board, I would like to record our thanks to NBK’s Executive Management, who have not only worked tirelessly in discharging their duties, but have devised an innovative strategy that will ensure the Bank’s continued growth. I am particularly grateful to our customers in Kuwait, across the Middle East and around the world for their loyalty and ongoing support. Our gratitude is due to employees of NBK across the world, who make the experience of our customers so rewarding, as well as to Kuwait’s Central Bank and Capital Markets Authority, who continue to steer our industry on its steady path. I would, lastly, like to thank our shareholders for their ongoing commitment to – and support for – NBK. With the successes of the last 65 years in mind, I am confident that we have a bright future ahead.

Nasser Musaed Abdulla Al–Sayer
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Board Of Directors

Mr. Nasser Musaed Al-Sayer


Mr. Ghassan Ahmed Al-Khalid

Vice Chairman

Mr. Hamad Abdul Aziz Al-Sager

Board Member

Mr. Yacoub Yousef Al-Fulaij

Board Member

Mr. Hamad Mohamed Al-Bahar

Board Member

Mr. Muthana Mohamed Ahmed Al-Hamad

Board Member

Mr. Haitham Sulaiman Al-Khaled

Board Member

Mr. Loay Jassim Al-Kharafi

Board Member

Mr. Emad Mohamed Al-Bahar

Board Member

Mr. Talal Al Kharafi

Board Member

Awards & Recognition


Global Finance

2009 to 2016

World’s Top 50 Safest Banks for 11 consecutive times

2010 – 2013, 2015

Best Emerging Market Bank in the Middle East

2010 – 2016

Best Emerging Market Bank in Kuwait

2015, 2016

Best Private Banking in Kuwait


Best Bank for Financial Risk Management Middle East

2008 - 2017

Best Trade Finance Bank in Kuwait

2013, 2015 - 2017

Best Foreign Exchange Provider in the Middle East

2013 - 2017

Best Foreign Exchange Provider in Kuwait

2011, 2012

Best Provider of Money Markets Fund in the Middle East


Best Bank in Kuwait

Euro Money

1994 – 2017

Best Bank in Kuwait

2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013

Best Bank in the Middle East

2012 – 2013

Best Managed Company in the Middle East

2006, 2009, 2015 - 2017

Best Private Banking in Kuwait


Best Investment Bank in Kuwait


Outstanding Contribution to Middle East Banking

The Banker

2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016

Bank of The Year - Kuwait

2007, 2008, 2010, 2011

Bank of The Year - Middle East


Best Customer Service and Project Finance in the Middle East

2007, 2009

Best Deal of the Year in the Middle East

2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007

Best Deal of the Year in Kuwait



Number 1 Banking Brand in Kuwait