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    Dear Customers, According to the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan, please note that you can deposit in the "Expatriates Return Trust Account Through Sea & Land Borders” account of number 1/3100/1185, which is dedicated for returning citizens who were given entry permission by the official authorities.

ACH Mandate Direct Debit


Authorizing the bank to carry out transfers from your personal accounts to other customer accounts, whether with the bank or with other local banks through the ACH Mandate Direct Debit.

Who is it for?

Authorizations are created for customers who have accounts with the National Bank of Kuwait - Jordan.

What Do I Get?

  1. Checkbooks and their transactions can be dispensed with

  2. The Direct Debits generated by the authorizations are collected automatically without getting back to the bank

What Makes It Special?

  • It is considered an automatic alternative to postdated checks and cash payments
  • Irrevocable, i.e. the motive cannot stop the authorization except with the consent of the beneficiary
  • The start and end dates for it are determined, also the sum of the movements value and the value of each single transaction
  • Discount is on monthly basis.

How Do I Get it?

  1. Ensure you have sufficient balance in your account to collect debits without any refusal.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of the delegation appearing on the form.
  3. Get the signature/s of the paying customer (individuals) of Jordanian nationality and the beneficiary customer (merchants/ companies) on the form in the places designated for that, using the signature approved by the bank.
  4. The paying customer and the beneficiary submit the form copy to his bank within a maximum of three working days from the date of signing.

Fees And Charges

Charges on ACH Mandate Direct Debit transaction is one Jordanian Dinar on the payer customer and one Jordanian Dinar on the beneficiary.


  1. What are the uses of ACH Mandate Direct Debit?

    The model can be used in many financial transactions, for example, paying rent, buying in installments and many others.

  2. How can I obtain the debit authorization form?

    It can be obtained from the bank (note that this form is standardized for all banks).

  3. What is the maximum period for registering and sending the authorization to the payee bank?

    The beneficiary’s bank will register the authorization within five days of receiving it from its client, then send it to the payee customer’s bank in accordance with the procedures and clearing-house instructions.


  4. What is the maximum period for acceptance or rejection of authorization by the payee customer's bank?

    The payee customer's bank will accept or reject the authorization - whenever the reason for rejection is achieved - within five working days from the date it is received.