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  • Important Notice

    Dear Customers, According to the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan, please note that you can deposit in the "Expatriates Return Trust Account Through Sea & Land Borders” account of number 1/3100/1185, which is dedicated for returning citizens who were given entry permission by the official authorities.

Safe Deposit Boxes


We understand that there are some things that can’t be replaced. NBK Safe Deposit Boxes, available in a variety of sizes, helps you keep your most important valuables from getting lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen. They are provided to you at selected local branches with absolute privacy and confidentiality, as well as convenient accessibility.

Who is it for?

Existing NBK Customers only.

What do i need?

If you are an NBK Personal Banking Customer, you will need:

  • Your Civil ID

What Do I Get?

  1. A steel, fire-resistant safe deposit box that is ideal for protecting your valuables and important documents against loss, fire or theft

  2. Safe deposit boxes can only be opened by you

  3. The option to authorize access to a second person, who should provide a Bank Power of Attorney to be approved by NBK

  4. Safe deposit boxes available in 4 different sizes (small, medium,  large, XL)

How do i get it?

  • Only NBK Customers may rent a safe deposit box
  • Safe deposit boxes may be rented to both individuals and companies
  • The minimum rental period is 1 month (depending on safe deposit box size – please refer to price sheet)
  • The maximum rental period is 1 year, which is automatically renewable when the fees will be deducted from your account
  • The rental fee amount should be paid in full


Tell Me More

If you wish to authorize another person to access your safe deposit box, please provide NBK Jordan with a Bank Power of Attorney and a photo of the authorized person to enable him to do so. You and the person you wish to authorize should visit the branch together in order to process the request.