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  • Important Notice

    Dear Customers, According to the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan, please note that you can deposit in the "Expatriates Return Trust Account Through Sea & Land Borders” account of number 1/3100/1185, which is dedicated for returning citizens who were given entry permission by the official authorities.

Primary Bank Account


It is a bank account in Jordanian Dinars for Jordanian Resident Clients, with specific requirements and features that targets individuals who do not have prior bank accounts.

Who is it for?

This account is for individuals legally qualified to deal with Banks, and not having any type of bank accounts in operating banks inside Jordan, noting that customers shall be interested in banking within certain limits and with fees that suits their income and circumstances.

What Do I Get?

  1. Cash deposits and withdrawals

  2. Check deposits

  3. Outgoing and incoming bank transfers from the account

  4. Get NBK Debit Card

  5. Access to NBK Online Banking

What Makes It Special?

  1. No minimum credit requirements for the Primary Bank Account

  2. We issue ATM Cards without commission or monthly ATM commission

  3. No fees on ATM cash withdrawals service except for the said commission when using other Bank’s ATM

How do I get it?

  • A Bank account in Jordanian Dinars without minimum credit requirements, with a JOD 700 limit
  • The applicant must not hold an account at the service provider Bank, and the holder must acknowledge that he does not hold an account at any other bank or carry any transactions with other bank as at the time of submitting the application
  • In the event the client received consecutive transfers for a period longer than 6 months, which exceeds the maximum limit, the Bank will then change the account from primary account to a regular account
  • The client should provide the Bank with an undertaking that he should disclose to the Bank if he opened another bank account other than his primary account

Fees And Charges

Service Limits Fees
Issuance of NBK Debit Cards - Without issuance fees or monthly fees on digital banking services 
Branch Cash/ Check Deposits A maximum of JOD 350 for the single transaction and two maximum transactions per month Without fees except for 500 Fils for each withdrawal transaction, after exceeding the said limit
Branch Cash Withdrawals Subject to the available credit, and within the limit of two transactions Without fees except for 500 Fils for each withdrawal transaction, after exceeding the limit
ATM cash withdrawals Subject to the available credit, and without a limit on the number of transactions Without fees, except when using another bank’s ATM
Bank Transfers A maximum of two transfers per each transfer type The same fees deducted from other account types by virtue of the instructions issued on that matter
- Transactions from The Royal Hashemite Court, the National Aid Fund, Governmental or Military Bodies, or International Fund Organization accredited by the Ministry of Social Development The customer carries no burden to pay banking fees
Access NBK Online Banking to Manage Your Account and Online Payments Depending on the available credit and without any limits on the number of transactions The same fees deducted from other types of accounts in accordance with the instructions issued in that matter



  1. Do Primary Bank Account holders receive checkbooks?

    No, they don’t receive checkbooks.

  2. Are there any prize or creditor’s interest for primary accounts?

    No, there isn’t any prize or interest.

  3. Do Primary Bank Account holders enjoy credit facilities?

    No, they don’t.

  4. Are NBK Credit Cards issued for Primary Bank Account holders?

    No, NBK Credit Cards are not issued for Primary Bank Account holders.