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Personal Loan


You are looking to enhance your lifestyle – whether it’s a higher degree, a surgical procedure or a new computer, NBK Jordan has got you covered.

Our Personal Loan offers you greater flexibility for financing consumer or durable goods, education and medical expenses. Whether you want to shop for consumer goods or fund for personal needs, the Personal Loan fulfills all your requirements in the most competitive, efficient and speedy manner.

Who can apply?

  • All NBK Customers
  • You should be younger than 65 years* at the maturity of the loan (*Terms and conditions apply)

What is it for?

  • Personal Loan is ideal for borrowing up to JD 50,000 for short-term use
  • Personal Loan may be used to buy consumer or durable goods e.g.  Furniture, electronics, etc.
  • Personal loan can also be used to pay for education or medical expenses

What should I know?

  • NBK makes loans flexible for you – you can take out a minimum of JD 5,000 and maximum of JD 50,000
  • Your loan period can be from 12 to 96 months


What do I need?

  • A copy of your Civil ID
  • A proof of income or salary
  • A proof of business

Interest rates

  • NBK Loans provide competitive interest rates and calculated on a reducing balance basis

  • Use the NBK Loan Calculator for an idea of how often and how much your payments will be



  1. If I transfer my salary to NBK Jordan, what are the loan benefits I get?

    Get a loan for whatever you need –furniture for your house, or anything else – when you transfer your salary! You can borrow up to JD 50,000 with instant approval, and a repayment period up to 8 years.

  2. What happens if I miss paying a monthly installment?

    In case you miss paying one of your monthly installments, you will be charged a default interest and a late payment fee.