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NBK Tap & Pay


Your life is busier than ever and you would like to pay for your purchases seamlessly to save time. NBK Tap & Pay Service makes it easy for you to tap and pay without entering a PIN or providing a signature. 

NBK Tap & Pay Service is an all-new feature on NBK Cards*. This means that NBK cards are enabled with a new technology that allows for contactless transactions, making shopping and paying for your shopping faster and easier.

And now with the first of its kind service in Kuwait and the GCC, paying for low-cost purchases is now even faster and more convenient with NBK Tap & Pay Wristbands and Stickers. Just tap your Wristband or Sticker on an NBK Tap & Pay POS terminal and you’re done.

All you have to do is wave or tap your card, wristband or sticker on a Tap & Pay-enabled machine and you’re good to go!

*NBK Visa Cards only

Who Is It For?

This service is available for all NBK Customers who are looking to pay for their everyday purchases faster and easier.

What Can I Do?

With the new NBK Tap & Pay Service, you can make daily payments faster and easier at more than 7,000 outlets in Kuwait.

What Makes It Special?

By using the newest service, you will now pay for low-cost purchases even faster and more convenient by tapping the NBK Tap & Pay Card, Wristband or Sticker on enabled POS.

Where Can I Find It?

Visit your NBK branch* today to get your new NBK Tap & Pay Card, Wristband or Sticker to enjoy the fastest way to pay.

How Can I Access It?

Look out for this NBK Tap & Pay logo on any POS machine - if you see it, then you can pay using your NBK Tap & Pay Card, Wristband or Sticker. You can also use it internationally wherever the service is enabled.

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Tell Me More

  • When making a payment for an amount less than KD 25 using your NBK Tap & Pay Card, Wristband or Sticker, you can wave or tap on the POS to pay without entering your PIN or signing the receipt
  • When making a payment between KD 25 – 100 using your NBK Tap & Pay Card, Wristband or Sticker, you will need to wave or tap on the POS to pay with entering your PIN
  • For any payment above KD 100, you will have to pay going through the normal payment process. NBK Tap & Pay service will not apply to transactions of this value
  • The NBK Tap & Pay service is currently available for NBK Visa Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards


  1. What is the difference between my NBK Tap & Pay Wristband or Sticker and my standard NBK Debit, Prepaid or Credit Card?

    A standard NBK Card would allow you to pay for purchases worth more than KD 100, while with NBK Tap & Pay Wristbands or Stickers, there is no need to carry a wallet. Your NBK Tap & Pay Wristbands or Stickers can be used to pay for items worth up to KD 100. If you wish to do a transaction using your NBK Tap & Pay for more than KD 100, you can use it online.

  2. How does the NBK Tap & Pay service work?

    NBK Tap & Pay cards have an embedded antenna and microchip, enabling "contactless" communication with a reader at the checkout. No swiping, inserting, signing or PIN entry is required for purchases under the merchant's set limit. If your purchase is over the merchant's set limit, you may be asked to swipe or insert your card and enter your PIN instead.

  3. Could I accidently be charged twice for the same transaction?

    This is not possible because for every transaction you will have to enter the value and a receipt will be printed as soon as you tap the card.