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The minimum deposit is KD 50 and maximum deposit is KD 500,000.
In case of no withdrawal within the holding period, extra chances will apply

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  • Important Announcement

    Dear Customers, On the occasion of Holy Prophet’s Birthday, National Bank of Kuwait will be closed on Thursday 28 September 2023. Duty will resume on Sunday 1 October 2023. NBK will continue providing its banking services at its branches in Kuwait International Airport, The Avenues, Grand Plaza-The Avenues, Khairan Outlet Mall & The Warehouse Mall, in addition to the ITM service, and NBK self-service branches. You can also contact us via our electronic channels NBK Call Center or NBK WhatsApp on 1801801, Mobile Banking service that is available at your convenience to serve your banking needs anywhere, anytime 24/7 or on our NBK Social Media channels. NBK wishes you a happy holiday.

  • Important Notice

    NBK will never ask you for your account number, card number, CVV, OTP/PIN numbers over the phone, Viber, WhatsApp or any other means. Please do not disclose your personal information to anyone. Learn more

Billing Updater


Now you can continue to use your NBK Credit and eligible Prepaid Card without any disruptions after renewal or replacement. Billing Updater will update your card information with participating merchants for automated and card-on-file payments, so you can pay bills on time.

Who is it for?

This service is available only for NBK Mastercard and Visa Credit and eligible Prepaid Cardholders. It is only applicable to merchants who have enrolled into the service.

What Can I Do?

With Billing Updater, you can:

  • Enjoy making automatic or card-on-file payments easily
  • Ensure on-time bill payments 
  • Prevent late fees and service disruptions

What Makes It Special?

This service is offered free of charge.

How Do I Get It?

As an NBK Credit or eligible Prepaid Cardholder, you are automatically enrolled in the service.

Tell Me More

Updated card information will be shared with Visa/Mastercard. In turn, Visa/Mastercard make this information available to acquiring card-on-file merchants who elect to participate in this service.


  1. Will all my credit or prepaid card payment information be automatically updated?

    No, Billing Updater is only available to participating merchants, and they can choose the frequency at which they check for updated payment information. To avoid late payments and penalties, you must take steps to ensure your credit or eligible prepaid card information is updated.

  2. Can I choose to opt out of Billing Updater?

    Yes, you can. To opt out, please submit your request 2 months before card expiration date by calling 1801801.

  3. What are card-on-file transactions and automated payments?

    Card-on-file transactions are payments processed using a card number you’ve stored with a merchant, service provider or website by creating an account and saving your credit card information, like:

    • Transportation services (ex. Uber or Careem)
    • Online retailers (Amazon)
    • Movies, music, and eBook download services 
    • Online payment services (PayPal)

    Automated payments are recurring payments you set up with a merchant or service provider, like:

    • Telecom services
    • Cable or television services
    • Utilities
    • Music subscriptions
    • Gym membership
    • Anti-virus software
    • Insurance fees