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17 Reasons Why Women Make Great Leaders

Gender doesn’t determine an individual’s leadership abilities. Instead, organizations must assess leadership potential by evaluating individual strengths and personality traits. However, often, women aren’t encouraged to assume leadership roles as much as their male counterparts, which contributes to the lopsided power dynamics of the corporate landscape. A recent Fortune article suggests that women now head 23 organizations on the Global 500 list, which is an all-time high! Yet, while women are steadily climbing the corporate ladder, the gap between men and women in leadership roles remains apparent. 


Here are 17 reasons why women make great leaders:

  • They value work-life balance
  • They are more inclusive
  • They are more empathetic
  • They’re good at multitasking
  • They focus on teamwork
  • They’re motivated by challenges
  • They dream big
  • They handle crisis situations well
  • They can wear many hats
  • They’re strong communicators
  • They keep their ego in-check
  • They have high emotional intelligence
  • They’re flexible
  • They lead by example
  • They make their jobs effortless
  • They defy the odds