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NBK Term Deposit


You like balance – you tend to plan ahead but also leave room for spontaneity. You want to grow your savings but also to spend them when the time is right. The NBK Term Deposit helps you strike this balance by providing you with options for growing and spending your savings.

Who is it for?

To open an NBK Term Deposit Account, you must be 18 years old and above.

What Do I Get?

  1. Get competitive interest rates on your savings – NBK UAE provides an interest calculator to help you calculate the interest you will earn

  2. Take advantage of the choice to open your account in multiple foreign currencies

  3. Enjoy the convenience of NBK Online Banking for viewing and managing your account

What makes it special?

  • Guaranteed attractive interest rates – With the trust and security of banking with NBK UAE
  • Automatic renewal – Term Deposit is renewed at the end of each term unless you ask otherwise
  • Stable interest rate – Once you have opened the account, the interest rate quoted at that time will be locked in for the duration of the tenor chosen (unless early breakage occurs)

Interest rates

All interest rates are subject to change, please refer to our rate table.



  1. What is a Fixed Deposit?

    Fixed deposits (also called term or time deposits) are financial instruments offering a higher rate of interest than regular savings accounts, until the specified maturity date. Considered as a safe investment or principal amount is always guaranteed.

    Applicable Interest rates based on amount, tenor and currency.

  2. How can I open a Fixed Deposit?

    Fixed Deposit accounts may be opened by residents and non-residents. An operative account (Current or Savings) is mandatory prior to opening a Fixed Deposit (FD) account.

  3. How is interest calculated?

    Interest is calculated based on the time period and the amount of the deposit.

  4. What are the interest rates for foreign currency deposits?

    Please refer to our rate table.

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