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About NBK Engineering Department

The Engineering Department at NBK is responsible for all matters related to bank buildings, including engineering design, construction, alterations and improvements, operation and maintenance. Engineering services by the Department include civil, internal and external finishes, building specialties, signage, mechanical, electrical, security systems and building automation work. Over the years, the department has achieved remarkable successes and is capable of executing and managing a multitude of projects, mega projects, and maintenance programs for NBK. The Engineering team consists of skilled engineers, engineering managers, technical supervisors and administrative staff who are committed to supporting NBK’s vision and strategy.

Our Services

The Department is dedicated to providing a one-stop service for all elements of the construction process from planning, design, construction to operation and maintenance. Our host of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Mechanical Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Instrumentation Works
  • Building Construction
  • Maintenance 

Our Values

We ensure to deliver the highest standards of quality.

We deliver all our works in a professional and safe environment.

We aim to safeguard the environment and eliminate any environmental risks that could arise as a result of the delivered activities.

We contribute our efforts to enhance the community that we serve.

Green Building

NBK continues to work towards our commitment to achieve sustainable building certifications for our premises. For example, the NBK Headquarters Project, a skyscraper that is currently at the last phase of construction, aims at contributing positive environmental criteria such as low CO2 emissions, low energy consumption, and reduction of harmful impact of traditional construction and building methods. This Project is targeting a LEED Gold Certification.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management

Our GHG management standards help us assess, monitor, and manage GHG emissions and their associated operations and business activities. We maintain an annual inventory report of our GHG emissions and utilize innovative technologies to improve and manage our approach and commitment among NBK’s premises: Headquarters 1 & 2, Al Raya Tower, and our branches. NBK's use of automobile transportation is an additional and minor indirect source of GHG emissions.

Caring For Our Environment

NBK has taken practical and cost-effective actions to address environmental concerns. NBK promotes judicious use of the available energy, efficient use of water, proper waste treatment and disposal, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management as part of viable and workable sustainability practices.

Energy and Water Management

NBK recognizes the importance of water as a fundamental resource. As a global company, we understand that access to adequate supplies of water is essential for the communities in which we operate. NBK is also committed to conserving energy as much as possible. Therefore, we manage both energy and water consumption responsibly across our branches by implementing numerous energy conservation measures and by using the lowest possible volume of fresh water in our operations, as well as by reusing water where conditions permit.