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Passion, Integrity, Conservatism, and Knowledge - our core values - have been an integral part of our business strategies, decisions, and relationships. In addition to providing superb financial services, we strive relentlessly to bring about measurable economic, social and environmental benefits to our region. We attempt to support numerous social initiatives that attain economic prosperity, protect our environment and people, and thus build healthy communities.

Leadership Commitment

National Bank of Kuwait (International) PLC ("NBK-London") has made great strides in its ESG efforts, reflecting the Group's promise to create and deliver shared value to all our stakeholders. Our ESG strategy follows four interrelated pillars designed to reinforce our position as a trusted leader in the emerging business environments of the future. On behalf of the Board of Directors, and at this turning point in NBK-London's journey as a responsible bank, I am proud to present to you our recent achievements and developments in ESG.

Fawzi Dajani
Managing Director

2023 ESG/Sustainability Update

Following the finalisation of the ESG materiality assessment, NBK-London has made notable progress on its top 10 ESG priorities. This progress is tracked and governed by an ESG sub-committee of the Executive Management Committee. In addition, ESG is a standing agenda item at quarterly Board meetings with relevant specialist subject matter being considered at Risk and Audit Committee level where appropriate. The execution of the ESG is monitored and reported at several levels within the Bank's governance structure which has ensured sufficient priority being given to this corporate strategy.

NBK-London recognises its duty to operate in a socially conscious manner and acknowledges its responsibilities towards society, community, economy and environmental stewardship. An important area in terms of social awareness is the investment in NBK-London's local community. To this end, NBK-London made donations to two local food banks as well as contributed towards a festive toy drive. In FY2024, the Bank plans to further develop its Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") programme with staff engagement resulting in the selection of the annual theme of "Children & Youth Charities". Planned social engagement activities for FY2024 include a strategic partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award which will support Inner London youth to participate in this life-changing programme. 

NBK-London continues to progress its Diversity and Inclusion ("DI") agenda with considerable progress planned in this area in the coming years. The advancement of this priority is governed by an internal group comprised of NBK-London Staff across the various areas of diversity.

NBK-London undertook an assessment of its operational footprint, resulting in plans to establish various energy saving and reduction of emissions measures. It is the intention of the Bank to monitor and report on the reduction of energy use and emissions annually.

ESG will remain an important area of focus for NBK-London in the coming years, with Executive Management and the Board overseeing and ensuring the embedding of ESG priorities throughout operations. NBK-London is committed to further developing its ESG-linked activities and will continue to broaden its endeavours across the facets of ESG.

ESG at NBK-London

NBK-London's leadership is committed to its sustainability journey and views sustainability as integral to business performance. Our ESG Strategy focuses on promoting economic prosperity and serving as a model for sustainable development, organised around four pillars: Governance for Resilience; Responsible Banking; Capitalising on our Capabilities; and Investing in our Communities.

Governance for Resilience

To commit to the highest standards of governance by embedding ESG, by:

  • Developing and strengthening our management of financial risks from climate change
  • Enhancing stakeholder engagement, emphasising our ESG narrative and commitments

Our progress so far:

  • Finalised and approved ESG strategy
  • Solidified Board and Executive Management ESG governance, oversight, and accountability
  • Committed to developing economic, environmental, and social risk resilience

Responsible Banking

To support the transition to a sustainable economy and become role model in our own transformation by:

  • Commencing and considering sustainable and green financing in 2024/25
  • Engaging an ESG Solutions (Environmental) and Synoptic (Mechanical and Electrical) consultants to help NBK-London develop an improvement strategy to manage progress over the next 5 to 10 years relating to its operational footprint
  • Embedding ESG considerations across our supply chain

Our progress so far:

  • Committed to reviewing our operational footprint and reducing building emissions

Capitalising on Our Capabilities

To drive sustainable growth achieved through organisational resilience by:

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Promote bank-wide ESG transformation through enhanced employee engagement and development programmes
  • Cultivate and retain talent by providing rewarding career development opportunities
  • Establish a digital and agile work environment
  • Continued focus on employee well-being and mental health

Our progress so far:

  • Participation in the NBK RISE programme, a first of its kind global women leadership initiative, designed by women for women. This programme is open to all female executives across NBK globally, with a participant from NBK-London
  • 42% of NBK-London's workforce are female
  • 26% of NBK-London's managerial staff are female
  • 41% of new hires for 2023 were female
  • 2 female members of the Board of Directors of NBK-London

Investing in Our Communities

NBK-London is committed to giving back and serving the community and intends on expanding its efforts to encompass more programmes.

Our progress so far:

To date, NBK-London has partnered with the following organisations:

Food Cycle Marylebone
An organisation committed to eliminating food poverty, loneliness, and food waste in every community. Their approach involves connecting communities, alleviating loneliness and combatting food poverty through collaboration with numerous volunteers and food surplus resources.

St James Place - Companions of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
The charity operates two breakfast clubs and three evening companion cafes each week to serve the homeless and hungry. Additionally, they operate bi-monthly lunch parties for the elderly. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award
NBK-London has entered into a three-year strategic partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh Award ("DofE"). This partnership will lead to NBK-London supporting young people in inner city London develop the skills and confidence they need for a brighter future. It is anticipated that NBK-London's donation will help c. 1350 young people by enabling them to start their DofE Award. The focus area of this partnership is young people from a disadvantaged background residing in inner city London.