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Buy-to-Let Mortgages

What is a Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

Investing in UK rental properties can provide investors with the opportunity to benefit from the rental market in the UK, diversify their investments, and increase their wealth. Investors can benefit from regular monthly rent payments. NBKI can offer the opportunity to purchase or refinance property in the UK for the purpose of rental returns. It is important to remember that mortgage loan terms for an owner's personal home with a residential mortgage, are different from those of rental properties with Buy-to-Let mortgages.

Buy-to-Let property explained

The purpose of this kind of property finance is to purchase or refinance a property to rent to long-term non-associated tenants as an investment rather than as a residence or holiday home. A Buy- to-Let mortgage will provide you with a loan that helps finance the acquisition of your property.

A Buy-to-Let mortgage is significantly different from the mortgage you would receive for your home. The first thing to know is that the loan you can borrow depends heavily on how much rental income you anticipate receiving from the property. NBKI may also take into account other income you receive under certain conditions.

Use of your Buy-to-Let property

As a landlord, you are prohibited from residing in a property you have purchased with a Buy-to-Let mortgage. This would result in a breach of the terms and conditions of your mortgage.

If you’re uncertain about any aspect of choosing a Buy-to-Let mortgage, you can get help from your dedicated UK Relationship Manager if you are an existing client, or +44 20 7224 2277 and mortgages@NBKI.com.

Applying for a Mortgage

The application process includes the following key steps:

Agreement in Principle

Use this to receive a personalised estimate and indicative terms.

Once you've got your Agreement in Principle, you can start your full mortgage application.

An Agreement in Principle does not guarantee a mortgage, final approval is subject to NBKI.

Contact Us

  • Call your dedicated UK Relationship Manager if you're an existing client
  • Or call: +44 20 7224 2277
  • Email: mortgages@NBKI.com

Failing to make mortgage payments can result in the repossession of your property.

Your recurring mortgage payments will fluctuate in line with the Bank of England base rate.

NBKI Mortgages for personal use are restricted to non-UK residents.