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Account Services


You are in need of simple, innovative services that add value to your everyday banking. NBK UAE is committed to deliver top-quality services that covers all your banking needs. Enjoy the convenience and security at the same time with our comprehensive set of account services that cater to your peace of mind.

Aani Transfer Service

With Aani, you can send or request money using your mobile number or email address. This allows transactions without exchanging bank account details with individuals who have activated Aani. Read More


NBK UAE offers convenient automated payroll management solution that help your receive your salaries in a timely manner.

Wages Protection System (WPS) is an electronic salary transfer system that allows institutions to pay workers’ wages via banks approved and authorized to provide the service.


You can now save time whilst enjoying a smooth process.  We offer the electronic check clearing system between banks in UAE to provide you with the most efficient, time-saving and convenient banking experience. Moreover, the system is simple and secure that guarantees utmost safety and peace of mind at all times

Partial Payments of Checks

In line with guidelines received from The Central Bank of UAE, effective 3 January 2022, National Bank of Kuwait S.A.K.P. (NBK) will process partial payment of check(s) that has/have been returned due to insufficient funds in the account. To avail of partial payment, the beneficiary (ies)/bearer of the check can directly approach the issuing bank and request to partially pay the value of the check up to the available funds.

The issuing Bank will pay the beneficiary upon each successful partial payment and will stamp the back of the original check confirming that the partial payment is concluded. The original check will be returned to the beneficiary(ies)/bearer along with a Partial Payment Certificate that includes the following details of the check issuer:

  • Emirates ID No., Passport No. or Trade License No. of the check issuer
  • Check issuer ID number
  • Check issuer IBAN number
  • Check issuer telephone number
  • Check issuer detailed address
  • The bearer of the check has the right to claim the remaining amount until the full value is paid or it becomes stale i.e. within 180 days from date of the check. Even after receiving partial payment, the beneficiary does not lose the right of legal recourse against issuer of the check in case of non-payment of full check amount.


  • Partial payments can be processed for checks returned due to insufficient funds
  • Only NBK - UAE issued check(s) will be processed by the bank. For non-NBK issued check(s), please visit the check issuing bank to process your partial payment
  • Beneficiaries holding NBK - UAE checks can approach the teller counter at Dubai branch only for processing the partial payment
  • The following documents are required to process the partial payment:

- Returned Check (original)
- Original Emirates ID/ Passport

  • A processing fee of AED 5 (exclusive of 5% VAT) will be charged to the check issuer for each partial payment


NBK UAE offers you the most convenient service to create and transfer beneficiaries through Online Banking by using an authorization password to facilitate transfer of funds from your personal account to any valid account in UAE for a small fee.


Visit your nearest NBK Branch or call +9714 3161700 to learn more.