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Global Information Reporting - GIR


GIR, which includes CRS and FATCA, is a global and local regulation for all financial institutions to determine the tax identity of their clients. As an NBK Customer, you may have to complete some additional data to properly confirm and categorize your tax identity for the purpose of protecting your account information. Please consult your legal/tax advisor for information on your tax status.

Who does this affect?

This information is applicable to all NBK customers.

How Does it Work?

Tax residency is defined in accordance with the local laws of each participating country, which may differ from one country to another, and is subject to being updated by participating countries. Accordingly, NBK cannot advise you about your tax status.

  • Residency: refers to a person who resides or works in a country
  • Tax Residency: generally means that a person is subject to taxation in a country without necessarily having to personally reside or work in such a country. In such cases, customers are subject to taxation in that country based on the tax residency there

Some GCC nationals and customers residing in the GCC with valid residencies (according to the definition of residents) may use their Civil ID number as the Tax Identification Number (TIN) with all financial institutions in Kuwait, UAE or abroad.

What is CRS?


Can a customer be tax resident in more than one country?
Yes, this is based on the definition of tax residency in each country the customer deals with/has relations with.

Can a customer have no tax residency in any country?
No, all customers should have at least one country of tax residency.

Is the customer’s nationality linked to his/her tax residency?
The nationality of customers is not linked to their tax residency except in rare cases such as the United States of America; and in this case, you should refer to your tax advisors/lawyers.

Does CRS replace any current tax laws/regulations (Example: FATCA)?
No, FATCA and CRS laws, regulations and procedures are completely independent of each other.