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    There have been important updates to our Conditions at National Bank of Kuwait (International) PLC ('NBKI'). The current Conditions dated January 2023, available on our website, along with our Tariff of charges, are changing. اعرف المزيد

Holiday Home Mortgages

لمحة عامة

A UK residential property gives you and your family a place to call home when travelling to the UK, ensuring that your trips are comfortable, inviting and stress-free. NBKI makes the process of purchasing a holiday home in the UK simpler.

لمحة عامة

This kind of property finance is designed for people who want to buy a place to live in rather than rent it out as an investment. A holiday home mortgage will provide you with a loan that helps finance the acquisition of your property. NBKI offers repayment periods up to 20 years.

لمحة عامة

Amortising mortgages at NBKI are on a straight linear basis, where the principal amount is divided equally across all months and repaid every month throughout the tenor of the mortgage. The interest you pay for any specific month would be function of the outstanding mortgage principal at the start of that month, and the benchmark rate observed for that month.

لمحة عامة

The application process includes the following key steps:

Agreement in Principle

Use this to receive a personalised estimate and indicative terms.

Once you've got your Agreement in Principle, you can start your full mortgage application.

An Agreement in Principle does not guarantee a mortgage, final approval is subject to NBKI.

Contact Us

  • Call your dedicated UK Relationship Manager if you're an existing client
  • Or call: +44 20 7224 2277
  • Email: mortgages@NBKI.com

Failing to make mortgage payments can result in the repossession of your property.

Your recurring mortgage payments will fluctuate in line with the Bank of England base rate.

NBKI Mortgages for personal use are restricted to non-UK residents.