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SMS Service


You can now easily access information about your account on your mobile phone using our SMS service. To acquire the service, you can subscribe by visiting your branch or by contacting the Call Center.

Common Questions

  1. What should I know about the SMS service?

    • A real-time SMS will be sent for any transactions above set threshold, made on your account or credit card, through any channel
    • You can change the threshold by logging into NBK Online Banking or visiting the branch
  2. How can I subscribe to SMS service?

    You can subscribe through NBK Online Banking, or call the NBK Call Center at +9714 3161700 or visit any NBK branch.

  3. What is the subscription fee for the SMS service?

    There is no subscription fee for the service.

  4. When do I receive the SMS message?

    SMS service will alert you instantly once you complete one of the following transactions:

    • Purchases through Point of Sale
    • Make internet purchases
    • Make cash withdrawals or deposits
    • Receive a salary, allowance or transfer
    • Open or close accounts
    • Your new credit card has been issued and is ready for pick-up
    • Make withdrawals, transfers and automated payments
    • Change the PIN number of your debit card
    • Establish a standing order

    Note - the SMS messages will show you the amounts debited or credited as well as the remaining balance

  5. What will the SMS messages display?

    They will show you the amounts debited or credited from your account, along with the remaining balance.

  6. Will I receive SMS messages when I’m abroad?

    If you have roaming service on your mobile phone line, you will receive the SMS alerts in USD.

  7. In what language will the SMS be sent to me?

    You can choose your preferred language

    • Arabic
    • English
  8. How can I cancel the service?

    You can cancel the service by calling NBK Call Center at +97143161700 or visiting any NBK branches.

  9. What do I have to do if I change my mobile number?

    If you change your mobile number, please update it through NBK Online Banking, calling NBK Call Center at +97143161700 or by visiting any NBK Branch to keep your SMS Service active.