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Islamic Financing


NBK Bahrain offers various banking solutions covering corporate finance, project finance, trade and commodity finance to a wide range of corporate entities and SMEs to meet their short and long term financial needs in line with Shariah principles.


NBK Bahrain helps Corporate entities succeed and make profits through financing different types of projects across all economic activities (commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.) within the ambit of Sharia principles. Murabaha products caters to all sizes of corporates including small, medium and large.

Murabaha is divided into two categories:

  • Murabaha in local currency, which is used to finance the companies’ purchases from the domestic markets.
  • Murabaha in foreign currency that can always fund each stage of a trade transaction through letter of credit - Documentary collection and external remittance.

Our Clients

All companies and establishments.


To find out what you need to get Islamic financing, reach out to your Corporate Relationship Manager or email corporate@nbk.com.