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Account Services


You are in need of simple, innovative services that add value to your everyday banking. NBK Bahrain is committed to deliver top-quality services that covers all your banking needs. Enjoy the convenience and security at the same time with our comprehensive set of account services that cater to your peace of mind.


Save time whilst enjoying a smooth process. We offer the electronic check clearing system between banks in Bahrain to provide you with the most efficient, time-saving and convenient banking experience. Moreover, the system is simple and secure that guarantees utmost safety and peace of mind at all times.


e-cheque is all what you need to evolve and conduct your business quickly, simply and more securely without the need for documentation, waiting in queues and the hassle.
Whether you're a corporate signatory, an individual, or a small-to-medium sized business owner, conducting your business could not be easier.
Simply visit your nearest NBK Branch, register your current or business account, fill in some details and you're done. If you're an individual, you can do it all through your BenefitPay app.
Using e-cheque is really simple, fast and secure.

Stages of Issuing an electronic cheques (Benefit Pay or e-cheque App)

  • Registering in the application and activating the authorized signature
  • Requesting an e-cheque book
  • Issuing the e-cheque (Write the E-cheque and sign it digitally)
  • Sharing the  e-cheque with others
  • Making an e-cheque deposit 

e-cheque Application Forms


NBK Bahrain offers you the most convenient service to create and transfer beneficiaries through Online Banking by using an authorization password to facilitate transfer of funds from your personal account to any valid account in Bahrain for a small fee.


NBK Bahrain is compliant with the Central Bank of Bahrain’s Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) services: Fawri and Fawateer, which are three main services that facilitate fund transfers and payments for you. NBK Bahrain offers all EFTS services free of charge.


With NBK Bahrain, enjoy single or bulk fund transfers from any bank account to any other bank account in Bahrain within a few hours during a business day.


You can now process transactions in a 30 second single transfer from any bank account to any other bank account in Bahrain with a maximum limit of BHD 1,000/- per account per day.


NBK Fawateer offers a one stop shop for bill enquiries and payments where you can view your outstanding bills of multiple billers and pay the total immediately in a single check.

Fees and Charges

For a full list of fees and charges please download our Fees and Service Charges Guide.