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Bahrain: NBK-Bahrain reports net profits of BHD 93.5 million (KD 74.9 million) for 2017, up 27% y-o-y


National Bank of Kuwait-Bahrain (NBK Bahrain), the branch of NBK Group in Bahrain, reported net profits of BHD 93.5 million(KD 74.9 million) for the year 2017 compared with BHD 73.4 million (KD 58.9 million) in 2016, a growth of 27% year-on-year.

As of end of 2017, NBK-Bahrain’s total assets increased by 13% y-o-y to BHD 5.8 billion (KD 4.6 billion), compared with BHD 5.1 billion (KD 4.1 billion) in 2016. While total shareholders’ equity increased by 19.8% y-o-y to BHD 599.6 million (KD 480.7 million). Customer deposits reached BHD 3 billion (KD 2.4 billion), up by 10.4 % y-o-y.

Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group Chief Executive Officer said “NBK-Bahrain continues its solid performance despite the challenging operating environment. The Bank’s strong results affirm the success of NBK Group’s regional expansion strategy that is built on a culture of prudence and strict risk management practices.”

“We are successfully proceeding in strengthening our position as a leading regional bank,” Al-Sager added. “NBK’s subsidiaries continue to deliver strong results contributing positively to the Group’s profitability and adding value to the growth in our business.”

Ali Fardan, NBK-Bahrain General Manager, said “This strong performance reflects our conservative management as we have consistently focused on our core business and ways to diversify sources of income. We continue to grow our operations locally by developing new products to serve our customers benefiting from the support of NBK Group.”

NBK has been present in Bahrain since 1977 and enjoys strong and historical relationships with the major Bahraini and international companies. Al Fardan added.

NBK continues to enjoy collectively one of the highest ratings among all banks in the Middle East from the three international rating agencies Moody’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s. The Bank’s ratings are supported by its high capitalization, prudent lending policies, and its disciplined approach to risk management, in addition to its highly recognized and very stable management team. NBK was also named among Global Finance’s list of the 50 safest banks in the world for the twelve consecutive times and was awarded as the Best Bank in Kuwait in 2017 by the Banker, Euromoney and Global Finance.

NBK enjoys the widest banking presence with a local and international network reaching 4 continents. NBK’s international presence spans many of the world’s leading financial centers including New York, Europe, GCC, Middle East, Singapore as well as China (Shanghai).

Kuwait: NBK - Bahrain Reports a Net Profit of BHD 60.24 Million (KWD 48.18 Million) in 1H 2021


National Bank of Kuwait – Bahrain (“NBK – Bahrain”) reported a net profit of BHD 60.24 million (KWD 48.18 million) for 1H 2021, compared to BHD 60.89 million (KWD 49-79 million) for the same period in 2020.

As of end of June 2021, NBK-Bahrain’s total assets stabilized at BHD 7.13 billion, whereas total shareholders’ equity rose by 32% to BHD 910.55 million, and customers’ deposits recorded BHD 1.83 billion for the same period.

Commenting on the Bank’s 1H 2020 results, NBK Group CEO, Mr. Isam Al-Sager said; “NBK – Bahrain managed to post good profits for the 1st half of 2021, despite the continuing uncertainty witnessed since the beginning of the year, following the emergence of the coronavirus variants, as well as the challenges and disruptions facing the operating environment due to the pandemic.”

“Year after year, NBK-Bahrain continues to strengthen its position in the Bahraini market, which is one of the key growth markets for NBK Group, considering its promising growth potentials and positive prospects,” he added.

Al-Sager noted: “NBK Group has a unique edge represented in the broad geographical footprint and the ability to conduct business in both conventional banking and Islamic banking. This diversification gives a significant degree of resilience to the Group’s earnings and provides it with a strong competitive advantage.”

Al-Sager mentioned that the Group’s strategic investments over the recent past years in the key growth driving areas, along with the performance of international operations was instrumental in supporting the Group’s profitability and mitigating risk.

On his part, General Manager of NBK - Bahrain, Mr. Ali Fardan said: “NBK – Bahrain’s results for the 1st half of 2021, despite the challenges facing the banking sector, is a proof of our resilient and well-diversified business model and our ability to quickly adapt to the challenges brought about by the pandemic.”

Al-Fardan pointed out that during the first six months of the year, the operating environment in Bahrain showed further signs of recovery thanks to the relentless efforts of vaccine rollout campaigns, which would boost confidence in the business environment and give more momentum to the performance of economic activity.

Fardan affirmed that the bank will continue to support its customers to weather the headwinds of the pandemic, as part of its commitment to its national duties.

We are making steady steps to strengthen our position in Bahrain by offering high-quality banking and financial services to our retail and corporate customers, and leveraging on our huge growth potentials in the Bahraini market, he added.

Fardan commended the efforts of the Central Bank of Bahrain, in particular, and government authorities, in general, which supported the performance of the bank and the banking sector in Bahrain at large. He also stressed that the support provided by NBK Group to the bank in Bahrain, through its widespread regional and international branch network, has clearly contributed to promote the bank's activities in the Bahraini market, capitalizing on its high credit ratings, extensive relationship network, and leading reputation as the best bank in the Middle East and one of the Safest Banks all over the world.

NBK is the largest financial institution in Kuwait with effective market dominance in the commercial banking market and has been consistently awarded the highest credit rating of all banks in the region from Moody's, Standard & Poor's, and Fitch Ratings. NBK also stands out in terms of its local and international network, which includes branches, subsidiaries and representative offices in China, Geneva, London, Paris, New York, and Singapore alongside its regional presence in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, and the UAE.