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    Dear Customer, Please note that it is prohibited to deal or trade with any type of cryptocurrencies through any platform, according to the provisions of the Central Bank of Egypt Law and Banking System No. 194 of 2020.

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Type of Fund:

Open-ended Fund with daily cumulative return

Fund Objective:
The Fund invests in financial instruments issued only in the domestic market by the government, banks, corporation, as well as repurchase agreements, saving certificates, bank deposits and other money market funds. All transactions are subject to conditions set forth by Ministerial Decree No. 126/2008 and Central Bank of Egypt rules and regulations.

Subscription and Redemption:

Subscription for new investments certificates or redemption of some or all of the investments certificate’s value can be submitted until 2:00pm every working day in any branch of NBK Egypt.

There are no subscription or redemption fees.

Who Is It For?

•    NBK accountholders, whether natural or legal persons, may purchase investment certificates issued by the fund

•    Investors looking for safe, liquid, short-term investments

What Do I Get?

•    This Fund is considered a low risk fund and provides daily cash flow by calculating a cumulative daily return on the funds invested in it
•    The Fund allows daily subscription and redemption in its investment documents

What Makes It Special?

•    Provides a cash management tool by offering high daily cumulative return on investments with no restrictions on withdrawals

How Do I Get It?

•    Egyptians and foreigners, whether natural or legal persons, may purchase investment certificates issued by the fund
•    The minimum subscription is 500 certificates and there is no maximum limit for subscription to investment certificates issued by the fund
•    Subscribers may deal with the fund by selling and purchasing a single certificate after the completion of the subscription process


  •     There are no subscription or redemption fees
  •     All Admin and Management Fees are approximately 0.95% annually of net assets under management in addition to the fixed fees which is currently EGP 92,000.  

Tell Me More

General Investment Policy:
•    The Fund can invest up to 100% in Treasury Bills and Central Bank’s Sukuk

•    The Fund can invest up to 40% of in Treasury Bonds

•    The Fund can invest up to 20% in Bonds issued by private companies with a credit rating of not less than BBB- but limited to only 10% of the net asset value of the Fund

•    The Fund can invest up to 90% in Repurchase agreements

•    The Fund can invest up to 10% in Certificates of Deposit

•    Investments in current accounts or bank deposits should not exceed 95% of the invested funds

•    Other than government agencies or public sector banks, investments in deposits, bonds and CDs (combined) should not exceed 40% of the invested funds

•    The fund’s duration should not exceed 150 days 

To get more information, please call 19336.


  1. What are the benefits of investing in mutual funds?

    Allowing investors, both individuals and institutions, the opportunity to invest in money market instruments with minimal capital requirements. 

  2. Are mutual funds subject to review?

    Mutual funds are reviewed on a regular basis from an independent reviewer with their semi-annual and annual financial reports printed in two daily, widely recognized newspapers. 

  3. How do I track the fund’s performance?

    The fund’s certificate price is accessible through all of the bank’s branches as well as a weekly newspaper.

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