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    Dear Customer, please note that NBK - Egypt will never contact you to request any personal or confidential information regarding your accounts or cards. In case this happens, please call the Call Center immediately at 19336.

NBK Rewards Program


You can redeem your points with instant E-Voucher discounts and get cashback at your favorite stores. You can also treat yourself to a dream vacation at your favorite hotel, travel in First Class, and enjoy your dinner at a five-star restaurant with NBK Rewards Program.

Who is it for?

All NBK Mastercard Credit Cardholders.

What Do I Get?

Every EGP 1 spent locally or internationally gets you NBK Reward Points as shown below:

  • NBK Thahabi Platinum Mastercard Credit Card: 2 points
  • NBK Privilege Platinum Mastercard Credit Card: 2.25 points
  • NBK World Mastercard Credit Card: 2.5 points
  • NBK World Elite Mastercard Credit Card: 4 points

You can redeem your points for:

  • Instant Discount Vouchers at various merchants
  • Airline tickets with over 800 participating airlines (major airlines and budget airlines)
  • Hotel reservations at more than 150,000 hotels globally
  • Car rental from the best international car rental companies
  • Cashback (You can redeem the cashback by contacting NBK Call Center on 19336)

What Makes It Special?

  • Easy access to all your points through NBK Rewards Program Page
  • Wide range of E-voucher values to suit your redemption needs
  • Ability to receive E-voucher codes instantly on the phone number registered with NBK
  • Ability to browse the list of merchants while choosing the E-voucher value

How Do I Sign Up?

Enrollment of your NBK Mastercard Credit Card is automatic once the card is activated, and you have made at least one purchase transaction. Please note that cash transactions do not enroll your card into the program.

How Can I Access It?

Simply sign up or login through NBK Rewards Program Page.

Tell Me More

  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Only NBK Mastercard Credit Cards are currently eligible for the NBK Rewards Program
  • The validity of NBK Reward Points is 24 months
  • You can use NBK Reward Points to pay part of the bill and the remaining balance can be paid as a normal transaction using your credit card, debit card or cash
  • NBK Reward Points are non-reversible/ refundable once they are used
  • Customers who are overdue on their credit card payments are excluded from the instant redemption service until the overdue amount has been paid
  • NBK Rewards E-Vouchers are valid for 3 months
  • Expired NBK Rewards E-Vouchers can no longer be used
  • The bank has the right to cancel the accumulated points in the following cases: card cancellation, facing any legal liability or using your card in commercial transactions


  1. When can I start earning NBK Reward Points and how does the NBK Rewards Program work?

    • You can start earning when activating and using an NBK Mastercard Credit Card for the first time, which will automatically enroll your card in the NBK Rewards Program regardless of the amount spent using the card or if the transaction was made locally or internationally
    • You will be get 2 points for every 1 EGP spent using NBK Thahabi Platinum Mastercard Credit Card, 2.25 points for every 1 EGP spent using NBK Privilege Platinum Mastercard Credit Card, and 
    • 2.5 points for every 1 EGP spent using NBK World Mastercard Credit Card
  2. How can I use the E-Vouchers?

    • Login or sign up through NBK Rewards Program Page
    • Select the E-voucher that matches your points and needs and add it to your cart
    • Head to cart checkout once you are ready to redeem the E-Voucher
    • Enter your Egyptian mobile number to receive the E-voucher code
    • Once you receive the E-voucher code, you can enjoy instant discounts by providing the code to any of the merchants enrolled in the program
  3. Which airlines and hotels are included? Are the hotels limited to a specific region?

    NBK Rewards Program lets you redeem your NBK Reward Points at over 800 airlines, which include major international airlines and budget airlines. The program also includes more than 150,000 hotels worldwide, as well as most of the well-known international car rental companies such as Budget, Avis, Ace, Hertz and others