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NBK tap & pay


NBK Tap & Pay is an all-new feature on NBK Cards. This means that cards are enabled with a new technology that allows contactless transactions, making your shopping faster and easier. All you have to do is wave or tap your card on a Tap & Pay-enabled POS machine and you’re good to go.

Who is it for?

This  feature is available for all NBK Cardholders.

What Can I Do?

With the new NBK Tap & Pay, you can make daily payments faster and easier.

What Makes It Special?

  • Your PIN is not required for any Tap & Pay transaction up to EGP 600
  • You will need to enter your PIN for any NBK Tap & Pay transaction that exceeds EGP 600
  • Easier and faster completion of the daily transactions without having to insert your card into the POS, just Tap & Pay.

Tell Me More

  • NBK Debit and Credit Cards will be eligible for contactless processing
  • NBK Cardholders will have the option to pay without inserting the cards into the POS machine
  • Cardholders will place their debit or credit cards close to a POS terminal device for two seconds, instead of entering a four-digit PIN number for the transactions with amounts less than EGP 600
  • For transactions with amounts greater than EGP 600, customer will be requested to enter his PIN


  1. Why should I Use NBK Tap & Pay?

    With NBK Tap & Pay, checkouts are faster, and there is no need to enter a PIN or insert the card (for transaction below EGP 600).
    NBK Tap & Pay transactions take as little as 3 seconds to complete.

  2. Are NBK Tap & Pay Transactions Secure?

    Yes, they are secure. Transactions and cardholders personal information are protected by these security measures:
    Instant SMS sent to the cardholder with each transaction
    No accidental payments. NBK Tap & Pay cards must be a maximum of 4 cm away from the POS terminal to work
    If more than one card is within 4 cm of the POS, the transaction will be rejected, and the POS will ask you to try again
    All under control.  Your NBK Tap & Pay card never has to leave your hands when making a payment

  3. What is the Transaction Limit for NBK Tap & Pay Payments?

    1) For Tap & Pay transactions in Egypt:
    You will not be requested to enter a PIN for Tap & Pay transactions under EGP 600
    You will be asked to enter a PIN for NBK Tap & Pay transactions of EGP 600 and above
    You can make a maximum of 7 NBK Tap & Pay transactions per day without entering your PIN

    2) For international Tap & Pay transactions:
    The limit may differ from one country to another, based on the limit of the country you are visiting
    You can make a maximum of 7 NBK Tap & Pay transactions per day without the need to enter your PIN