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    Dear Customer, please note that NBK - Egypt will never contact you to request any personal or confidential information regarding your accounts or cards. In case this happens, please call the Call Center immediately at 19336.

Personal Accounts



Based on the Mudarabah principle, NBK Islamic branches accounts are designed to keep your money growing whilst being managed in a Shariah compliant manner.

Current Account

NBK Current Account provides you with the flexibility you need to deposit and withdraw funds at any time from our extensive branch and ATM network spread through the country. The account can be opened in local currency as well as most foreign currencies. With this type of account you are entitled to an ATM card, a debit card at your request, and also the possibility of obtaining a checkbook.

Investment Account

An Investment Account allows you to place and grow your investments in accordance with Islamic Shariah principles. It's a part of a whole range of Islamic banking services offered by NBK Egypt and it's available in local and most foreign currencies.

Islamic Saving Account

With the Islamic savings account you will receive quarterly income in accordance with Islamic Shariah principles based on the balances available in your account during the quarter. This type of account is available in local currency as well as most foreign currencies. You may subscribe in "Rasael" service to operate your account.

Investment Term Deposits

Watch your money consistently grow through our NBK's Term Deposits that allows you the flexibility of managing funds according to your short term needs. You will be able to earn the returns based on the Shariah principals.

  • Available in Local currency and in foreign currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, KD)
  • Variable term options to suit your different need varying from one month and up to 12 months
  • Competitive returns paid at the maturity of the deposit
  • Minimum TD amount: EGP 5,000 and 1,000 if any of foreign currencies
  • Available for Egyptians and Foreigners
  • Possibility of breaking the deposit after one month without losing the full amount of profits

Islamic Certificates

A medium term investment with the highest rate of return of any of our deposit accounts - and paid every quarter; that's the beauty of NBK's Islamic Certificates.

  • Certificate tenor is 3 years
  • Certificate denominations: EGP 1,000, EGP 5,000, EGP 10,000, EGP 25,000, EGP 50,000, and EGP 100,000
  • Profits is shared between the Bank and customers and paid quarterly
  • Return is calculated as from the next day of booking the certificate
  • You may redeem your certificate 6 months after the issuance date
  • Customer can recover the value of the certificate and get the returnafter 6 months without losing the full amount of profits

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