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Type of Fund:
Open-Ended Fund with capital growth and periodic distribution.

Fund Objective:
The Fund aims to maximize capital gains through diversifying its investments in various financial instruments including stocks listed on the Egyptian stock exchange as well as other investment tools in order to achieve capital growth with an acceptable degree of risk. The fund also aims to distribute annual dividends to certificate holders.

Subscription and Redemption: 
Subscription for new certificates or redemption of some or all of the certificate’s value can be submitted until 1:00pm on the last working day of every week in any branch of NBK-Egypt.
There is no subscription or redemption fees.

Who Is It For?

•    For investors who wish to invest in the stock market.

•    Mutual funds offer a diversity, which is both difficult and costly to replicate, allowing small investors the chance to partake in stock market investments.

What Do I Get?

•    A diverse array of investments in Egyptian companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange as well as other investment instruments.

•    Cumulative return as well as periodic distribution.

•    An ease of subscribing and redeeming investment certificates on a weekly basis through the network of NBK Branches.

How Do I Get It?

A minimum investment of EGP 5,000 is required only for the first subscription. 


• There are no subscription or redemption fees
 Management Fee: Approximately 1.35% annually of Net Assets Under Management

• Performance Fee: 10% annually of Net Annual Profits in excess of 10% 

Tell Me More

Investing in the stock market over a long period of time yields rewarding returns.

The fund’s general investment guidelines:
•    The Fund should not invest less than 30% of the Fund’s assets in equities nor exceed 90%.

•    The Fund should not invest more than 70% of the Fund’s assets in all investment instruments (excluding equities).

•    The Fund should not invest less than 10% of the Fund’s assets in Treasury Bills, cash bank deposits and short-term investments to meet redemption requests. 


  1. What are the benefits of investing in mutual funds?

    Allowing investors, both individuals and institutions, the opportunity to invest in the stock market with minimal capital requirements. 

  2. What is the difference between investing in mutual funds and investing directly in the stock market?

    Mutual funds allow investors the opportunity to invest in different sectors, reducing the overall risk of the fund. On the other hand, directly investing in the stock market restricts individual investors’ exposure to a limited number of companies, increasing the risk of their overall portfolio. 

  3. Are mutual funds subject to review?

    Mutual funds are reviewed on a regular basis from an independent reviewer with their semi-annual and annual financial reports printed in two daily, widely recognized newspapers. 

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