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Free Valet Parking With ParkPass


Never worry about finding parking space again. Get access to free valet parking at ParkPass locations across Bahrain with your NBK Credit Card.


This offer is applicable for NBK Signature Credit Cardholders.

What Do I Get?

Get free valet parking at the following ParkPass locations:

Bahrain International Airport - Gate 1 (Departure/Arrival)

Bahrain City Centre - Gate 4 and Saks Fifth Avenue

Al Aali Mall - The Boulevard

Seef Mall - Gate 3

Bahrain Defense Force Royal Medical Services - Emergency gate and Dental

Block 338 - Iris, Mahonia and O Liban

Bahrain Bay - The Wharf, Fish Market

Adliya - Al Bindaira cafe

Tell me more

  • ParkPass membership allows NBK Signature Credit Cardholders access to multiple valet parking locations in Bahrain
  • Each NBK Signature Credit Cardholder will be allowed to access the locations listed in the membership free of charge 4 times per month, and each time will be limited to two hours
  • If a member stays longer than two hours, member shall pay normal rate
  • ParkPass undertakes to grant NBK Signature Credit Cardholders a free of charge parking service, subject to the conditions mentioned in Schedule “Service Details & Locations” below, through its platform branded as ParkPass Membership (Service)
  • ParkPass Valet Parking service is limited to NBK Signature Credit Cardholders only. NBK Classic Credit Cardholders are excluded from this service
  • The deal is valid till 6 July 2024
  • NBK will not be responsible in any way for any services erroneously offered to any non-participating customer
  • ParkPoint shall only offer the Service to the holder of ParkPass Membership (NBK) and the membership shall be used by the member through QR sticker, ParkPass card, ParkPass mobile App, or any other method available in the membership
  • ParkPass operates on a first come first serve basis; therefore, ParkPoint holds no responsibility towards the rejection of Cardholders due to full capacity of car parks. However, ParkPoint shall do its best to serve NBK Credit Cardholders
  • ParkPass QR Sticker: A sticker with QR will be provided to NBK Signature Credit Cardholders by ParkPoint in order to stick it on the vehicle (inside driver side door) in order to utilize the membership
  • Every NBK Signature Credit Cardholder will be required to activate their membership for the use of the Service. The activation can be done online through www.park-pass.com or offline through one of ParkPoint’s locations
  • ParkPass membership is non-transferable
  • ParkPass may add or remove the locations at any time. NBK will ensure to communicate with customers in advance about any change