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Customer Protection Guide


Customer Protection Guide

NBK Bahrain is committed to ensuring a thorough, objective, timely, and fair implementation of all rules and principles related to the banking services provided to its customers. In that respect, the Bank has established the Customer Protection Unit that would assist customer in making adequate decision regarding their banking activities and to ensure that customers are not subject to unfair or deceptive practices by guaranteeing adherence to policies and procedures elaborating the following principles:

​​​​​​​Transparency and Disclosure

  • Maintain an environment and culture of ethical and professional communication methods throughout all levels of interactions with customers
  • Ensure customers’ rights and duties are clearly conversed by customer-service staff and are made available to clients whenever required

Increase Customer Awareness and Education

Ensure easily accessible information by customers to their rights and duties. In addition, acknowledging products’ specifications, facilities, and services provided by the Bank.

Fair and Sustainable Marketing Campaigns

Deliver accurate and understandable financial promotional material that is not misleading to customers, by supervising, reviewing and suggesting improvements to marketing campaigns (advertisements), brochures, contracts, statements of accounts and other relevant documents in line with the set policies, procedures and regulations in force.

Complaints Handling

Ensure that customers have access to adequate complaints submission procedures that are accessible, independent, accountable, timely and efficient.