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    Dear Customer, please note that NBK - Egypt will never contact you to request any personal or confidential information regarding your accounts or cards. In case this happens, please call the Call Center immediately at 19336.

Interest Bearing Current Account


You are seeking decent returns on your current account while benefiting frequent access to your funds. NBK Interest Bearing Current Account is the ideal account that offers monthly interest calculated based on account daily closing balance. You may also obtain a checkbook and debit card to manage the account with convenience.

Who is this for?

To open an NBK Interest Bearing Current Account, you must be 21 years old and above.

What do I get?

  1. Free MasterCard debit card

  2. Access to over 650,000 MasterCard ATM machines globally

  3. Enjoy the convenience of NBK Online Banking for viewing and managing your account

  4. 24/7 access to NBK Call Center through 19336

  5. SMS Service subscription, available upon request

What makes it special?

  • FreeNo minimum balance fees
  • Earn interest on your money based on account tiers


How do I get it?

Visit your nearest NBK Branch


  1. How can I compare NBK Accounts to figure out which is the most suitable to my needs?

    Simply use our Right Account For Me tool.

  2. How can I Open an Account at NBK?

    Call us or Visit your nearest NBK Branch.

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