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  • Important Announcement

    Dear Customer, please note that NBK - Egypt will never contact you to request any personal or confidential information regarding your accounts or cards. In case this happens, please call the Call Center immediately at 19336.

Thahabi Platinum Mastercard Debit Card


A debit card designed exclusively for you, to ensure quick and secured access to your personal account 24/7 with the ability to easily transfer between accounts. With this card, you don't have to carry cash anymore, as you can enjoy a daily cash withdrawal and purchases with upgraded limits.

Who is it for?

The card is available to all NBK - Egypt Thahabi customers.

What makes it special?

  • Various offers and promotions from Mastercard
  • Cash withdrawal at local and international ATMs
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Travel in style - Offers include hotels, car hire, every day and luxury retail, golf, fine dining, cruises and entertainment
  • Immediate service - Report a lost or stolen card and get a replacement delivered either to your hotel or a bank branch
  • Shop confidently - NBK Thahabi Platinum Mastercard Debit Card is with you every time you hit the high street with offers and discounts

Tell me more

  • It is necessary to sign your card upon receiving it
  • Always cover the PIN pad as you enter your PIN when dealing with ATMs
  • Learn more about Security Tips


  1. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

    NBK - Egypt ensures the safety of its cardholders. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact our Call Center immediately at 19336 from Egypt, (+202) 261 494 00 from abroad, or 22293980 from Kuwait, and we will immediately block your card from any unauthorized transactions.

  2. When I am overseas, should I pay in EGP or another currency?

    It is always best to pay in the currency of the country you are visiting, because NBK - Egypt exchange rates are very competitive.

  3. Can I withdraw cash from ATMs?

    Yes, you can withdraw cash from any of NBK - Egypt conveniently placed ATMs. You can also withdraw 100% of your available funds.

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