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    Dear Customer, Please note that it is prohibited to deal or trade with any type of cryptocurrencies through any platform, according to the provisions of the Central Bank of Egypt Law and Banking System No. 194 of 2020.

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    Dear Customer, please note that the Phone Banking number to call from Kuwait has been changed to 22293980. We are pleased to serve you and answer all your inquiries 24/7.

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NBK HSC Prepaid Card


NBK HSC Prepaid Cardholders can enjoy quick and easy payments for great shopping experiences. It only takes a couple of seconds to pay without inserting the card with the new NBK Tap & Pay.

Who is it for?

This card is for Heliopolis Club members “Heliopolis” and “El-Sherouk” branches, in which the card request will be initiated through the club.

What Do I Get?

You will get:

  • A Prepaid Card, as well as, a membership card that can be used to access electronic gates
  • Discounts inside and outside the club
  • Quick and easy payment processes for great shopping experiences with NBK Tap & Pay


  1. How can I receive and activate the card?

    1. To collect your card, visit the membership office in the club
    2. You will need to fill the identification sheet (KYC) which is included in the envelope of the card
    3. To activate the card, you should visit NBK - Egypt (Heliopolis Club branch)
    4. To recharge the card’s balance, you should visit the branch
    5. You can use the card in your purchases inside/outside the club as well as outside Egypt or for online purchases
  2. How can I charge the card?

    You can deposit the required amount through the bank’s branch inside the club.