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High Down Payment Auto Loan


Do you want to get your dream car but lack the financing? NBK – Egypt Auto Loan offers you the opportunity to buy the car of your dreams with less documents and fast procedures. This loan is especially designed for clients who can pay 40% or
more of the car value.


Who can apply?

  • This service  is for  Egyptians only of age ranging  from 21 to 65 years (at loan maturity)
  • Loan is granted to individuals, either employed or self-employed
  • Guarantor is not required
  • Minimum of 40% down payment 

What Is It For?

  • Finance a new car or pre-owned car sold by car companies (car dealers) 
  • Registration can be in your own name or in the name of a first-degree relative (spouse, parent or child)

Interest rates

  • NBK Loans provide competitive interest rates
  • Use the NBK Loan Calculator to take an idea of your payment  tenure and monthly loan payment amount

What should I know?

  • Your loan period can be from 12 to 60 months
  • No income proof is required
  • Quick and simple process
  • Highest loan amount up to EGP 1,500,000

What do I need?

  • Valid national ID
  • Recent utility bill 
  • Signed loan application form
  • Car Price quotation from the car dealer
  • Down payment receipt


  1. What is the minimum down payment?

    The minimum down payment is 40%. 

  2. What is the maximum loan tenure?

    The maximum loan tenure is 60 months.

  3. What is the maximum loan amount?

    The maximum loan amount is EGP 1,500,000.

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