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  • Update your Information

    Dear Customer, kindly visit your nearest branch or contact your Service Officer to update your NBK - Lebanon record details to avoid account block and/or late charge fees. For more: (961) 1 759700

  • BDL Basic Circular 158

    Exceptional measures for the gradual withdrawal of deposits in Foreign Currencies. Read More

  • BDL Basic Circular 151

    Related the Basic Decision 13221 of 21/4/2020, relating to Exceptional Measures for cash withdrawals from – Currency Accounts Read More

Special Needs Services


What services does NBK offer to special needs customers?

NBK now has dedicated branches with the latest services to accommodate and facilitate banking for our customers with visual, hearing or physical disabilities. The services provided in these branches include:

  • ATMs which have braille keyboards and earphones, enabling visually impaired customers to withdraw money (such ATMs have special branding and enclosures to ensure the physical wellbeing of our customers).
  • Braille printing facilities
  • Staff trained to provide services in sign language, for hearing-impaired customers
  • iPads providing speech to text functionality for visually-impaired customers
  • Wheelchair access to branches (available in all our branches)
  • Reserved and clearly marked parking spaces
  • Easily accessible safe deposit boxes
  • Debit and credit cards with photo for easy identification, when requested