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    Dear Customers, On the occasion of Kuwait's 60th National Day and 30th Liberation Day, National Bank of Kuwait, including all local branches, will be closed on Thursday 25 February 2021 until Sunday 28 February 2021, with the exception of NBK Airport & Plaza Avenue branches, and ITM Service at the Avenues & T4 Airport Branches. Duty will resume on Monday 1 March 2021. For more details, please contact us via NBK Contact Center or NBK WhatsApp on 1801801 or on our NBK Social Media channels. NBK wishes you a happy holiday.

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Kuwait: 25-26% Cashback on Purchases Made With NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Cards


Underscoring its care to celebrate with its customers on the occasion of national days, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is launching special exclusive offer, as the bank has increased the cashback to 25% on purchases made on 25th February and 26% on 26th of February when using NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Cards.

NBK’s national days cashback offer comprises a wide variety of leading participating brands including: Abyat, ASOS, Bershka, Best Al Yousifi, Boggi Milano, Carrefour, City Centre, Decathlon, Eureka, Farfetch, LuLu Hypermarket, Massimo Dutti, Namshi, Ooredoo, Pottery Barn, SHEIN, STC, talabat, The Sultan Center, Trafalgar, X-cite, and Zain.

NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Cards enable customers to earn up to 15,000 Welcome Elite Tier Miles upon card activation, as well as up to 10,000 additional miles when spending within the first 3 months of card issuance. Customers will then earn up to 4 Oasis Club Miles for every KD 1 spent on their daily purchases.

Additionally, NBK has provided a 3-year annual fee waiver for new customers applying for NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Infinite Credit Card or NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Signature Credit in an offer valid for a limited period.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, GM-Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait said: “At NBK, we are keen to join our customers in their celebrations of the historic national days, and in commemoration of these glorious days, we seek to offer exceptional rewards that are different from other offers throughout the year.”

"Cashback campaigns are designed very carefully to meet the needs and expectations of customers from different segments, as they are based on our customers’ preferences that we identify through NBK’s different communication channels on which we are in touch with them around the clock. This is reflected in how popular and well-received all are our offers all year round,” he added.

Al-Othman stressed that NBK is committed to enrich customers’ banking experience by providing top-notch and cutting-edge banking products and services that meet all their needs, in addition to a rewards program packed with exclusive offers.

On his part, Mr. Meshal Lafa Al Mutairi, Director, Commercially Important Persons from Kuwait Airways said: “We have the pleasure to cooperate with NBK, and to work side by side to provide distinguished services to our customers and join them in celebrating the national days, as part of our well-established strategic relationships.”

"We congratulate the people of Kuwait on the national days, promising to continue our efforts to provide a distinguished array of services and exclusive offers to NBK - Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Cardholders," he added.

NBK Credit Cards provide the best payment method, given the exclusive features they offer, including NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Credit Cards that give travel lovers unlimited services and rewards.

NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Infinite Credit Card and NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Signature Credit Card, as well as NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Platinum Prepaid Card offer customers an array of benefits; including: earning Oasis Club Miles when using the card, redeeming earned miles for tickets with Kuwait Airways, upgrading to Business or First Class, in addition to many other benefits.

Furthermore, NBK - Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Cards allow customers to enjoy more privileges that make travelling a lot more comfortable and enjoyable, such as access to airport lounges worldwide, travel insurance, special assistance at airports NBK Rewards Program allowing customers to earn points that can be redeemed at more than 900 participating outlets, as well as a 10% cashback when shopping at selected outlets until 5 March 2021.

Kuwait: NBK Named Best Retail Bank in Customer Service in Kuwait for 2020


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) received the award of “Best Retail Bank in Customer Services in Kuwait” for 2020, according to Service Hero Customer Satisfaction Index, for the 10th time.

NBK was named the winner of the award during the virtual ceremony held by Service Hero to announce the index’s results last Tuesday.

Service Hero is a highly reputable customer satisfaction index that collects the voice of customers on service standards and creates a list of service providers ranked by category. The index partners with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, is a member of ESOMAR and is backed by an independent advisory council to ensure all results are impartial, objective and accurately reflect the voice of the customer.

The award of “Best Retail Bank in Customer Services in Kuwait” is fully based on customers’ assessment of banks in Kuwait. Service dimensions evaluated include reliability, speed, product quality, value, location, staff quality, call center and website. The Index also rates overall satisfaction, loyalty and comparison to an ideal.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, GM-Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait said: “When you are serving 1/3 of the country’s population you must be focused on putting the customer at the center of all we do. Dedication and commitment to our customers is a must. Today, we reap the fruits of our digital transformation strategy, which consolidated our superiority in providing the most advanced digital services and payment solutions. The exceptional circumstances that prevailed last year reaffirmed the prudence of our proactive approach in view of the changes that the banking industry is witnessing these days."

“The year 2020 was absolutely exceptional, due to the precautionary measures and shutdown of economic activities in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which prompted increased reliance on digital channels for making transactions, as our customers used NBK Mobile Banking and NBK Online Banking for 85% of their transactions made all over the year,” he added.

Al-Othman added: “We continued to launch initiatives throughout the year to meet our customers’ needs despite the challenges we faced, as we provided a mobile branch that reaches customers at their doorsteps to allow them make all their transactions, and enhanced NBK Mobile Banking App by adding 22 new services and updates during the year.”

Al-Othman concluded that focusing on customer service and customer experience is one of the core values of NBK’s employees and a key part in all the bank’s strategies that places customer satisfaction as a top priority. This is implemented by a professional team working in a distinguished environment characterized by the highest levels of coordination between all departments to ensure the best customer service.

It is worth mentioning that NBK received the award of Best Consumer Digital Bank in the Middle East for 2020 from the reputable international magazine Global Finance, in the annual survey of the World’s Best Digital Banks. In this survey, winners are selected based on the evaluation of a world-class panel of judges at Infosys, a global leader in consulting and technology, whereas Global Finance editors were responsible for the final selection of all winners.

During the year 2020, NBK launched a variety of high-quality banking products and services that gained the trust of customers, focusing on advanced payment solutions and digital services through the updates of NBK Mobile Banking App and NBK Online Banking, as customers showed an increasing reliance on these channels for making their banking transactions over the past period.

To view all information related to the awards granted by Service Hero, please visit their website:


Kuwait: NBK Gives Its Customers the Chance to Win Alyasra Fashion Gift Cards


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is keen to provide its customers with exceptional rewards through exclusive offers and rewards within NBK Rewards Program. In this context, and in cooperation with Alyasra Fashion, NBK gives its customers the chance to enter a draw to win the company’s gift cards.

The offer allows eligible NBK Cardholders to redeem NBK Rewards Points for a chance to enter the draw, 1 entry for every KD 5 spent using NBK Rewards Points at Alyasra Fashion participating stores.

Customers participating in the draw can win Alyasra gift card worth KD 600 or one of the 20 Alyasra gifts cards, each worth KD 100.

The participating Alyasra Fashion stores are: DKNY, ECCO, Triumph, ONTIME, Fossil, Trinkets, Comfort Zone.

On this occasion, Mr. Sanad Al Shatti, Senior Manager at Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait commented: "Rewarding our customers is one of the key pillars of their banking experience with NBK, so we are keen to design campaigns that suit their needs, expectations and daily lifestyles from all segments."

"We are always striving to ensure that our customers benefit from our strong relationships with the leading institutions across all different businesses sectors, which contributes to providing them various exclusive offers and prizes, in addition to the top-notch banking services and products provided to them by NBK," he added.

Al Shatti pointed out that NBK Credit Cards give customers the chance to participate in exceptional campaigns all year round, in addition to the unique lifestyle and benefits provided to cardholders.

On his part, Mr. Hussein Hammoud, Head of Marketing at Alyasra Fashion said: “Alyasra and NBK have a strategic partnership, as both institutions seek to make their customers happy".

"We invite all NBK Credit Cardholders to join the program, and visit some of their favorite stores like DKNY, ONTIME, Comfort Zone, and Triumph to enjoy modern fashion, excellent customer service, matchless shopping experience, in addition to the chance to win great prizes," Hammoud added.

NBK always proves it is closer to its customers, as it continues to reward them during the exceptional circumstances imposed by the coronavirus pandemic over the past months, and its endeavors to continue its campaigns that are carefully designed to meet its customers’ needs and expectations.”

For more information about Alyasra Fashion gift cards, please visit the bank's website:         


Kuwait: Al-Othman: "Diraya" Campaign is Necessary to Protect the Economy and Society


Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, GM-Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) affirmed that NBK is keen to provide awareness to customers regarding their rights, and to protect them from fraud, achieve financial inclusion, and provide all prerequisites for top-notch services to all customers, which is the main goal of "Diraya" campaign recently launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Al-Othman said: "NBK extends all types of support to key strategic initiatives of the Central Bank of Kuwait, the latest of which is “Diraya” campaign, which targets the best interests of the national economy and society."

In an interview with Kuwait TV, Al-Othman pointed out that NBK harnesses all its capabilities and digital channels to provide awareness to customers, as part of the bank’s endeavors to participate in the success of the campaign lasting until the end of this year.

Ongoing Awareness

Al-Othman noted that NBK exerts consistent efforts to provide awareness to its customers being a fundamental part of its strategy, and it always uses all communication channels to make them aware of the need to keep their PIN codes, and the data of their financial and personal accounts private, and not to share them with anyone contacting them and claiming to represent the bank, as the same applies to one-time password (OTP).

Al-Othman said, "Today, with the launch of the campaign, the stimulus will be greater for these efforts. We are confident that the campaign will bear its fruits, and banks, led by the Central Bank of Kuwait, will be stronger than fraudsters, and we will succeed in protecting our customers' data and accounts."

Al-Othman pointed out that the Central Bank’s initiatives to protect customers’ rights are not a new thing, as its decisions and guidelines for the banks have always targeted their best interests.
Digitization and Increased Responsibility

Al-Othman mentioned that the coronavirus pandemic accelerated customers' reliance on digital channels for their transactions, which required doubled and accelerated efforts, and this shows that the Central Bank has chosen the right time to launch the initiative.

“The mobile is now NBK’s largest branch, and most of the transactions are made using NBK Mobile Banking and NBK Online Banking. Supervisory. This places a great responsibility on the bank and its customers, as the acceleration in the pace of digital transformation is associated with risks that require the combined efforts of banks, customers and regulatory authorities.” he added.

Customers’ Rights

In line with the campaign's focus on protecting customers’ rights, Al-Othman explained that banks are committed to informing customers of their rights in compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank in this regard, saying: “We provide our customers with all information related to financing including interest, installments, loan amount, payment method and the monthly deduction to income ratio, then we allow a two-day contemplation period before concluding the transaction, even if the customer provided immediate acceptance in order to give them enough time to review all the details."

Al-Othman urged customers to follow banks’ accounts on social media platforms, which are keen to educate customers and help them protect their rights, money and data.

Financial Inclusion

“Diraya” campaign focuses on achieving financial inclusion, involving all segments of society in the formal financial system, and introducing them to safe and appropriate saving and investment channels for all segments.
In this context, Al-Othman explained that NBK started launching Zeina Account for the children segment decades ago, and is constantly working on developing banking products and services for the youth, and providing services that meet the needs of the salaried segment of employees, in addition to investment solutions and private banking services for high net worth customers with the aim of covering all segments of the society.

Social Responsibility

Al-Othman highlighted to NBK’s efforts in serving customers with special needs, which are of the key pivots of the campaign and which is paid special attention by the Central Bank, as seen in its mandate for banks to assign a fully-equipped branch for servicing special needs customers in every governorate.

Al-Othman added, "We are committed to assigning a fully-equipped branch in every governorate to service our special needs customers by making many modifications to the facilities, equipment and procedures necessary to provide all banking products and services to them."

Al-Othman enumerated the various facilities provided by NBK to its special needs customers including: ATMs equipped with Braille keyboards and earphones, which allow visually impaired customers to make easy and secure withdrawals, Braille printing facilities, trained staff to provide services in sign language to hearing-impaired customers, offering iPads with speech-to-text functionality for visually impaired customers, as well as wheelchair access to branches, and reserved, clearly marked parking spaces for them.

Kuwait: NBK Lectures Tamakan Trainees on "High-Impact Tools for Teams"


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) organized a lecture for “Tamakan” program trainees titled “High Impact Tools for Teams”. The lecture was given by Professor Stefano Mastrogiacomo, one of the world's leading experts in the field of project management and building highly professional teams.

The lecture comes as part of the activities of "Tamakan" training program, which is hosted by the bank at various training sites at its headquarters for three months, until 8 April 2021, in which the bank provides trainees with courses aimed to develop their skills and qualify them to navigate their way into the labor market.

This virtual lecture aimed to discuss tools Mastrogiacomo has been crafting for the past 20 years, as well as sharing his powerful toolkit to create alignment, build trust and get results fast. He also shared his expertise on how to rediscover the joy of teamwork using high-impact tools for teams which he recently published in his new book in January 2021.

Mastrogiacomo presented concepts related to the psychological safety of the team and boosting confidence in speaking out and participation by raising new ideas or inquiries, as well as expressing any concern about a specific issue within the work environment, without the fear of being punished.

The lecture shed light on the conditions for a successful teamwork environment, as well as the cooperation skills that are the main characteristic sought by successful managers in their employees.

The lecture showcased inspiring creative examples around the world such as Google, addressing the ideas of managers looking for ways to motivate teams, create a constructive work environment and improve group productivity within the organization.

Stefano Mastrogiacomo is one of the leading experts in the fields of project management, team building and design thinking. He has been leading digital projects and advising project teams in international organizations for more than 20 years (Cartier, Doctors Without Borders, Pictet, Rothschild, Caterpillar, World Economic Forum). He is also an author, consultant and professor at Lausanne University in Switzerland, and has many publications including “High-Impact Tools for Teams”.

It is worth mentioning that “Tamakan” program aims to develop the personal skills needed to become compelling candidates for employment, in addition to motivating Kuwaiti youth to explore their inherent potentials and energies and unleashing the creativity of young cadres.

The program attended by 40 trainees adopts the Blended Learning approach, and focuses on many themes and workshops about creativity and innovation, design thinking, business model design, career exploration and innovative de-risking solutions.

It is worth mentioning that National Bank of Kuwait sponsors various social initiatives serving Kuwait National Development Plan, including empowering youth and enhancing education, stemming from the bank’s belief that the youth are Kuwait’s true wealth, and the cornerstone for national development.

Kuwait: NBK Strongly Supports “Diraya” Campaign on all Its Social Media Platforms and Digital Channels


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) continues its effective participation in the banking awareness campaign "Diraya" recently launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait, by publishing educational material and awareness content on all the bank’s social media platforms and digital channels, with the aim of shedding light on customers’ rights of and raising their awareness in relation to their dealings with banks.

On this occasion, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Rushaid, Assistant General Manager of Communications Department at National Bank of Kuwait said: “NBK strongly supports “Diraya” campaign, which comes as an initiative from the Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Banking Association, out of its belief in the importance of enhancing financial culture among the different segments of society and raising awareness about how to make the utmost benefit from the various services provided by banks.”

Al-Rushaid pointed out that the campaign, which is the largest across the region, aims in the first place, to raise the banking and financial awareness of banks’ customers, noting that this campaign is the fruit of relentless efforts exerted over more than two years, as the launching was postponed last year due to the exceptional circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Diraya" campaign adopts a highly important awareness agenda that includes acquainting customers with the role of banks as financial intermediaries, the importance of saving and investment, and ways to benefit from the products provided by banks,” he noted.

Al-Rushaid mentioned that the campaign aims to raise the awareness about customers’ rights in relation to personal finance operations, whether consumer or housing loans, the mechanism for submitting complaints about banking services, in addition to various bank cards, and key precautions for protection from fraud, and awareness about the risk associated with “loan shark” schemes, and high-risk investments, as well as other important topics.

He also stressed that the campaign focuses on an important aspect, which is introducing the services provided to special needs customers, noting that NBK has taken the lead in extending all types of support for special needs customers by developing services and providing the necessary equipment to facilitate their access to the branches dedicated to servicing them.

Al-Rushaid said that NBK provides ATMs equipped with Braille keyboards and earphones, which allow visually impaired customers to make withdrawals. It also trains its employees to provide services in sign language to hearing-impaired customers, and offers iPads with speech-to-text functionality for visually impaired customers, as well as wheelchair access to branches, and reserved, clearly marked parking spaces for special needs customers.

Al-Rushaid emphasized that NBK is a key supporter and partner in all the initiatives and campaigns of the Central Bank of Kuwait which aim to raise financial awareness and spread banking culture among all segments of society. He also noted that, as the leading financial institution in Kuwait and the region, NBK frequently organizes various activities that contribute to raising awareness about all topics related to the banking sector. It also organizes a wide range of training courses for its employees to enhance their expertise in the areas of combating fraud and financial crimes.

NBK, with a branch network spanning 4 continents and 15 countries worldwide, launches campaigns to raise their awareness of its customers about the risks of cybercrime and fraud, through its branches, all digital channels and social media platforms, he added.

It is worth mentioning that the banking awareness campaign "Diraya" has recently been launched in an initiative from the Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Banking Association, with a view to raise credit, financial and banking culture among banking sector customers and the society at large.

The campaign comprises many topics such as the process of borrowing, bank cards, awareness of the rights of special needs customers, as well as advice related to cybersecurity and the protection of bank accounts. It also provides guidance regarding complaint submission mechanisms, and protection of customers’ rights, and introduction of the functions of the banking sector and its role in promoting and developing the economy, in order to create awareness among all segments of society about banking and financial dealings.

Kuwait: Al-Hamad: Supporting and Developing the Kuwaiti Youth is Our Top Priority


As part of the career readiness program "Tamakan" sponsored by it, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) held a seminar in which Mr. Faisal Al-Hamad, CEO of NBK Capital, gave a lecture and answered a number of questions raised by the participants.

In the seminar, Al-Hamad stressed that investing in enhancing skills and developing capabilities through learning and training is the best investment with ever growing return and gains accumulating day after day, and never fails. In that context, Al-Hamad advised the program’s trainees and all Kuwaiti youth, saying: “Be keen to learn and develop yourself, and do not rush in search for salary and position, as both will be attained at the right time.”

Our Cadres are Our Most Valuable Resource
Al-Hamad pointed out that academic qualifications are necessary to start a career, but that there are basic personal skills that must be met by those willing to join leading institutions.

Al-Hamad said: "At NBK Capital, we have our own school, as we require basic qualities in those willing to join our team, most notably ethics, professionalism, the ability to learn and one-team spirit.”

"We have a clear path for training our employees and enhancing their skills, in line with an unshakable strategy that aims to invest in our human capital, being the company’s key asset and most valuable resource," he added.
Al-Hamad noted that NBK Capital is committed to performing its national duties and social responsibility by launching innovative initiatives all year round, which focus on training the Kuwaiti youth, developing their skills, and spreading the culture of savings and investment to help them properly manage their savings and invest them using up-to-date mechanisms and strategies.

Invest Early

Answering a question about the appropriate timing to start investing, Al-Hamad replied: "Start from now, and do not postpone the decision. The best financial investments are those you start early, and diversify between stocks, sectors and asset classes, while continuing to pump money into them regularly, no matter how little, as this guarantees building good investment positions."

On the importance of starting early, Al-Hamad gave an example that the total return of an investment started at an early age of 20, with annual savings of KD 5,000 for 10 years is the same as that of an investment that starts at the age of 30, with annual savings in the same amount for 30 years.

Al-Hamad highlighted the importance of diversifying investments and not concentrating them in any of the stocks, regardless how leading the company or strong its performance is, as changes in the operating environment come all of a sudden, and strike major institutions, noting: "We have a lesson to learn from the coronavirus pandemic."


Al-Hamad mentioned that "Digital transformation in the financial sector will not stop or retreat; that is why we are keen to provide investment platforms that cope with cutting-edge international levels in areas of artificial intelligence and digital investment solutions."

Al-Hamad emphasized that SmartWealth adopts a prudent investment strategy offering access to international markets and ensuring the diversification of asset classes to be suitable for all levels of financial solvency and income, no matter how small. This makes it suitable for the youth and an ideal solution for a hard equation, in case of starting investment with a small amount.

"SmartWealth draws up a carefully designed investment plan according to your investment goals and your risk tolerance, regardless of the size of the investment or the level of income," he added.


In response to a question about a possible contagion of the GameStop craze and the momentum of individual trading on the US stock exchanges to the Kuwait and regional markets, and how NBK Capital’s is ready for this phenomenon, Al-Hamad said that the booms in stock prices are not a new phenomenon in the financial markets, but always occur, for varying reasons from one time to another.

"We are investors, not speculators. As long as your investments are diversified, based on sound financial grounds and you are keen to accumulate and increase these investments regularly, you will be safe from such sharp changes," he added.

Al-Hamad warned against speculation in the hope of good luck and making a fortune quickly, saying: "There are more losers than winners from markets crazes like GameStop’s.”

The best investment is to develop your capabilities

The attendees listened eagerly to the advices given by Al-Hamad during the discussions about career development and how to design a successful savings and investment strategy, which mainly included the following:

− Invest in developing your capabilities, as this has an ever-growing return and accumulating gains, and never fails.
− Be keen to learn and develop yourself, and do not rush in search for salary and position, as both will be attainable at the right time.
− Start your investment early, no matter how small, and make regular savings from your income to accumulate investments over time.
− Keep your investments well-diversified according to sound financial principles, and do not involve in insecure speculations.


Kuwait: NBK - Kuwait Airways Visa Credit Cards Free of Charge for Three Years


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) always seeks to reward its customers with exclusive offers that meet their needs and expectations. In this context, and in celebration of the first anniversary of its successful partnership with Kuwait Airways, NBK has decided to provide its customers with a 3-year annual fee waiver for NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Infinite Credit Card or NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Signature Credit Card, for a limited period.

NBK-Kuwait Airways Visa Credit Cards enable customers to earn up to 15,000 bonus Welcome Elite Tier Miles upon card activation, as well as up to 10,000 additional miles when spending within the first 3 months of card issuance. Customers will then earn up to 4 Oasis Club Miles for every KD 1 spent on their daily purchases.

The cards also allow customers to enjoy more privileges that make travelling a lot more comfortable and enjoyable, such as accessing airport lounges worldwide, enjoying travel insurance and special assistance at airports, as well as earning points with NBK Rewards Program which can be redeemed at more than 850 participating outlets, as well as a 10% cashback when shopping at any of these outlets until 5 March 2021.

On this occasion, Anwar Al Ballam Cards Products Manager, at Consumer Banking Group, at National Bank of Kuwait said: “At NBK, we are committed to provide our customers with an integrated banking experience combining the most advanced banking services and payment solutions with a comprehensive rewards program that includes exclusive offers and prizes that are tailored to fit their needs.”

“We have well-established relationships with major leading institutions across many sectors, and we are keen to ensure that our continuous collaboration with them is reflected in the exclusive benefits offered to our customers, which contribute to enrich their experience and provide services and offers that live up to their expectations,” he added.


Al Ballam affirmed that NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Credit Cards are especially designed for travel lovers, as clearly reflected in the nature of the offers and rewards provided by these cards, which suit the unique lifestyle of this customer segment.

NBK Credit Cards provide the best payment method, given the exclusive benefits they provide, including NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Credit Cards, which give travel lovers unlimited services and rewards.

NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Infinite Credit Card and NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Signature Credit Card, as well as NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Platinum Prepaid Card offer customers an array of benefits including earning Oasis Club Miles when using the card, redeeming earned miles for tickets with Kuwait Airways, upgrading to Business or First Class, in addition to many other benefits.

Kuwait: Al-Othman: NBK Gave an Inspiring Example for Digital Transformation and Youth Engagement


As part of the activities of the career readiness program "Tamakan" sponsored by the bank, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) held a seminar in which Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, GM-Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait gave a lecture and answered a number of questions raised by participants.


A Turning Point

Al-Othman said that continuous training and learning after joining work is a key pillar of career excellence and a pressing need to enhance the skills and bridge the gaps between what distinguishes a person and the changing work needs, in light of the rapid developments seen across all business sectors.

Al-Othman said: "No matter how prestigious the position and leading the institution, joining a job is not the end of the story, but rather the beginning of a process that is based on two main factors to achieve success: doubling the efforts and continuing education and training so that you can represent an added value for the work team and the institution."

Al-Othman gave an example to the attendees about the impact of continuous learning and training on career development through his joining Harvard and Columbia Business Schools saying: “It was a major turning point in my career that contributed to significantly enhance my skills, which was reflected on my performance and had a great impact on the development my career path."

Al-Othman affirmed the importance of institutions and private sector companies’ role in focusing on training their employees and setting a path for continuous learning, in order to enrich their skills with a view to help the institution achieve its goals. He stressed that the training and learning opportunities provided by NBK to its employees are a key pillar of the bank's strategy to achieve sustainable growth and consolidate its leading position, which makes it an example to follow, in this regard.


Youth and Digitization

Discussing the challenges facing institutions and ways to overcome them, Al-Othman discussed the key challenges facing the banking industry including the rapid technological developments and the boundless expectations of customers form the youth segment.

Al-Othman indicated that NBK remarkably succeeded in giving a successful banking model and an inspiring experience in digital transformation and attracting customers from the youth segment.

The key challenges faced by Consumer Banking Group team were the necessity to provide digital services that meet the needs of all customers, especially the youth, while abiding by a prudent strategy that maintains NBK's principles in providing secure services and following a conservative risk management strategy. These services also had to reflect the bank’s leading position and conservative approach, while offering advanced and up-to-date solutions, he noted.

Al-Othman explained that NBK’s strategy showed remarkable success, as reflected in the continuously growing number of customers from the youth segment, and clearly manifested in the massive demand for the bank’s digital offerings and advanced payment solutions during the exceptional circumstances imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.


A Lifetime Journey

Al-Othman explained how banks, through the banking product, services and payment solutions they provide, have become an essential part of the daily life of people who rely on these services in most of their investment, spending and saving decisions, at all times.

In this regard, Al-Othman highlighted NBK’s comprehensive strategy that aims to cater to the needs of all segments of society from all ages, goals and financial positions. This has made NBK a lifetime partner, starting from opening Zeina children’s account, to the products and services provided to students and youth, financing entrepreneurship projects and meeting the ambitions and expectations of all family members, as well as the various investment solutions and savings channels it offers. In addition, the bank provides advanced payment solutions and exceptional rewards program that makes the bank part of every detail of their daily life.


NBK’s Unique Environment

Al-Othman highlighted the emerging changes in work culture and environment, as the success of institutions is no longer attainable without working as one team, and focusing on innovation. The work environment has become largely dependent on technology and advanced communication technologies, which must be part of the qualifications of fresh graduates as they navigate into the labor market, as well as acquiring the necessary experience and skills to quickly engage in this culture and work efficiently within this environment.

Al-Othman emphasized that NBK is characterized by well-established organizational work nature that sets a general framework of principles defining work culture and all aspects related to work environment and communication between team members. This represents a melting pot in which all ideas and various management trends, at all levels, are fused, with open-door policy and one-team spirit representing essential characteristics of NBK’s work environment

Kuwait: NBK Adds Exclusive Benefits to it’s Family Banking Customers


In line with its continuous efforts to enrich the services provided to all customer segments, and as part of its endeavors to meet their needs and provide a variety of services that suit their unique lifestyles, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has added many exclusive benefits by providing premium services to members of the entire family banking customers.

The new exclusive benefits for Premium Banking Customers include: adding Senior Citizens of the family in the family banking proposition, Senior Citizens are now eligible to avail credit card free for life, consumer loan without interest, one complimentary concierge service per quarter from limo or messenger services, access to local and international lounges at airports and premium concierge services.

On the other hand, for Al Shabab Package Customers under family banking, the new exclusive benefits include: Smart Wealth investment tool with free subscription starting at a lower amount of $100 per month, Multicurrency Prepaid Card, supplementary Premium credit card from the age of 15 and above), Shabab customers will enjoy the premium experience, ease of account opening and complimentary premium concierge services offered by NBK.

NBK was the first bank to introduce Family Banking Services in Kuwait, which enables Privilege and Thahabi Package Customers to share their unique experience with their families, by allowing them to share the exclusive services and benefits received, as well as an array of outstanding products and solutions that are tailored to fit their various banking needs.

Family Banking Services offers customers a wide range of exclusive services for the family members of Privilege Banking Customers including: Dedicated Relationship Manager, NBK Visa Infinite Credit Card free of charge for the 1st year, reduced fees on NBK Prepaid Cards and safety deposit boxes, free access for family members at many airport lounges worldwide, as well as a higher amount of 0% interest loan for newly employed family members who transfer salaries.

For the family members of Thahabi Packages Customers, they also receive a variety of exclusive services including: Dedicated Personal Banking Officer, NBK Visa Signature Credit Card free of charge for the 1st year, reduced fees on NBK Prepaid Cards and safety deposit boxes, in addition to a higher amount of 0% interest loan for newly employed family members who transfer Salaries.

On this occasion, Mohammed Akram Hashim, Head of Segments, Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait, said: "At NBK, we are committed to provide our customers with an exceptional banking experience combining top-notch services, and exclusive offers and rewards for all family members across all segments."

Hashim pointed out that adding a distinguished package of exclusive offers to Family Banking Services comes in line with the bank's efforts to provide exceptional benefits to all family members, by allowing parents and children to enjoy these services.

He also promised customers that the bank will continue to introduce top-tier innovative banking services that match their lifestyle, thus contributing to enrich the banking experience we provide to them."

Hashim affirmed that the new banking services give the entire family the opportunity to enjoy an international banking experience that has long distinguished NBK services. The bank is proud of its large network of local and international branches in four continents around the world, covering the United States, Europe, GCC Countries, the Middle East, China and Singapore.

NBK Family Banking Services are available for new and existing Kuwaiti customers and their families. Eligibility conditions for Privilege Banking Customers include minimum KD 5,000 combined salaries with family members, or minimum KD 150,000 combined deposits/AUM of family members, whereas for Thahabi Package Customers, minimum KD 2,500 combined salaries, or minimum KD 50,000 combined deposits/AUM of family members.

All family members are eligible to enjoy NBK Family Banking Services up to 6 members in total.

For more information about the requirements to apply for Family Banking Services, please visit the nearest branch, call NBK Contact Center toll-free number, or visit the bank's website nbk.com.

Kuwait: Al-Marzouq: NBK enjoys a solid position, able to seize recovery opportunities


Mr. Sulaiman Al-Marzouq, Deputy CEO of National Bank of Kuwait - Kuwait said: "The year 2020 was a very challenging year, however, NBK clearly demonstrated that it is stands on solid grounds in the face of the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.”

In an interview with Global Finance magazine, Al-Marzouq added: “The challenge was even doubled due to the sharp fall in oil prices combined with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent measures taken by governments to contain the spread of the virus, including partial and full lockdown, severely weakening operating environment, diminishing financing opportunities, and impairing main income streams.”

At NBK, since the early beginning of the crisis, we activated emergency plans to ensure business continuity and took all necessary measures to protect both our employees and our customers, he pointed out.
Al-Marzouq noted that during the year 2020, the bank significantly reinforced its capital and liquidity ratios through two issuances of subordinated tier 2 bonds: one worth KD 150 million, and the other US$ 300 million, which both saw record subscription, reflecting the bank’s strong credit position locally and internationally, despite these challenging times.

Digital Transformation Strategy
The Deputy CEO of NBK – Kuwait mentioned that over the past years, NBK increased its investments in IT infrastructure and digital transformation strategy, which provided it with more dynamic data, and  it showed proactive examples in anticipating the trends and levels of customer satisfaction.

Al-Marzouq added that the bank's digital channels provided effective and practical alternatives for branches, giving the bank a resilient operating model that is capable of changing the way it operates and adapting to the exceptional circumstances imposed by the pandemic, noting that NBK Mobile Banking App emerged as the bank’s largest branch and key digital channel, with the number of app users increasing by 38% during 2020, and the number of mobile-based transactions boosting by 51%, compared to last year.

For 2021, Al-Marzouq stated that NBK is looking forward to continue building and investing in technology and digital platforms that simplify operations and support growth in key areas such as wealth management and banking transactions, with a view to keep pace with our growing aspirations, the fact that makes us well-positioned to continue to be a source of strength for all our stakeholders.

NBK has made tremendous investments in the selective development and implementation of the most advanced automation solutions, upgrading IT infrastructure, and ensuring the resilience and capabilities of cybersecurity, he noted.

He also highlighted that NBK focuses on directing its investments to technologies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of back office operations in the long term, as well as investing heavily in robotic process automation and focusing on improving efficiency in terms of saving time and costs.

International Markets

Al-Marzouq stressed that in 2021, NBK will carry on its strategy aimed to strengthen its footprint in the markets in which it operates, by striving to expand in the Egyptian and Saudi markets as well as to consolidate its position as a leading regional player in the area of wealth management.
Al-Marzouq said: “We hope that the Kuwaiti economy will restore the momentum in the new year, and we are also optimistic about Kuwait's ability to recover rapidly, despite the challenges and uncertainty surrounding the business environment, as social distancing and tight restrictions on movement continue to limit the extent and pace of economic recovery.”

There is a set of factors that would help the Kuwaiti economy restore the momentum, including recovery of the economic growth from the current low levels, in addition to restoring pre-pandemic government spending levels, and stability of oil prices, which would promote investors’ confidence, and finally, that the pandemic crisis comes to an end, and normal activities are resumed across different economic sectors, with the rollout of the vaccine worldwide, which should be made on fair basis, including  poor countries, in order to avoid a setback to square one, he affirmed.


Well-positioned for Recovery

Al-Marzouq said that NBK will be the biggest beneficiary from the recovery, thanks to its competitive edges that ensure faster growth than other banks under natural circumstances. These edges mainly include our excellence as a provider of digital banking, locally and regionally, in addition to well-diversified income sources, geographically and sectorally, thanks to our broad geographical footprint, dominant local market share, provision of both conventional and Islamic banking (through Boubyan Bank), the Group’s Islamic banking arm, as well as investment services through NBK Capital.

NBK will also be at the forefront of beneficiaries from the expected momentum of government investment spending with economic recovery, and accelerated pace of project implementation to make up for the disruptions during the lockdown, as we are the largest financier of government projects with a share exceeding 30% of the trade finance market, and NBK is the bank of choice for foreign companies engaged in these projects, being the “house bank” for about 75% of them, he noted.

Quick Response

Al-Marzouq stated that Kuwait was one of the first countries to take various measures to contain the spread of the virus though quick decisions, including partial and full lockdown.

He also mentioned that the Central Bank of Kuwait showed an early and quick response, which aimed to maintain monetary and financial stability and stimulate the economy, including cutting the discount rate to a historic low of 1.5%, with the aim of reducing the cost of funds for all economic sectors to create an environment promoting economic growth.

Al-Marzouq stressed that the Kuwaiti banking sector played an instrumental role in supporting the private and public sectors, acting as a pivotal part in the recovery from this crisis. This was the fruit of the conservative strategy and measures adopted by the Central Bank of Kuwait over the past years, which gave the sector more strength, making it one of the main drivers of recovery from this crisis, given that Kuwaiti banks are well capitalized, with an exceptionally strong balance sheet in terms of liquidity and asset quality.

Kuwait: Kuwait Red Crescent Society Honors NBK


Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) presented an honorary shield to National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) in appreciation of its leading social role and its constant commitment towards society, especially its recent contributions and its proactive support for the efforts made to combat the pandemic in Kuwait.

On this occasion the Chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS), Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer presented the honoring to the bank, represented by NBK Group CEO, Mr. Isam Al-Sager in the presence of NBK Group Deputy CEO, Mrs. Shaikha Al-Bahar, NBK - Kuwait CEO, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, as well as KRCS representatives including Mr. Anwar Al-Hasawi, the Vice Chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society, and Mrs. Maha Al-Barjas, the Secretary-General of Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

Dr. Al-Sayer praised NBK’s generous donation, which promoted healthcare and supported national efforts to face the coronavirus pandemic, saying: “Our honoring of NBK comes in recognition of their relentless efforts aimed at support healthcare services, especially in view of the circumstances imposed by the pandemic.”

Dr. Al-Sayer also pointed out that KRCS’s strategic partnership with NBK aims to achieve integration of the humanitarian and social efforts to support the society, commending the fruitful joint projects implemented with the bank, which have a direct and effective impact on the development and growth of society.

On his part, Mr. Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group CEO expressed his pleasure with the visit of KRCS delegation and this honoring initiative, which is considered as a culmination of a long record of strategic partnership and cooperation in support of society, saying: “We are always working to harness all our capabilities to support achieving community development, especially during the exceptional times of combating the coronavirus pandemic.”

Al-Sager affirmed that NBK has a rich social record full of initiatives and projects, making it today a national example for social responsibility.

“For over six decades, the bank has been the largest contributor to community development among the Kuwaiti private sector institutions. And despite the challenges witnessed during the past year, it has continued to fulfill this responsibility," Al-Sager added.

It is worth mentioning that in response to the pandemic, NBK donated KD1 million to KRCS to procure medical equipment and ventilators, in addition to deploying a field hospital equipped with the latest medical devices, an ICU, a medical laboratory, a radiology center, a fully-equipped pharmacy, in addition to providing emergency service.

NBK maintains its leading position among banking institutions in the private sector on the humanitarian level, through its commitment to support humanitarian organizations and social initiatives with different goals, including KRCS, which has a clear humanitarian impact and plays a major role in this regard.

Kuwait: NBK Extends Validity of NBK Miles


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is keen to preserve the rights of its customers and to meet all their needs in an easy and convenient way, while keeping them safe under the prevailing exceptional circumstances. To this end, the bank has extended the validity of NBK Miles Points available for NBK Credit Cardholders expiring in January 2021 until June 2021.


This extension gives NBK Customers the opportunity to use NBK Miles at a later time to allow them get the utmost benefits when life returns back to normal.


Customers earn NBK Miles Points when using the following NBK Credit Cards: Visa Infinite Credit Cards, World Elite Mastercard, NBK Miles World Mastercard and Visa Signature


On this occasion, Surajit Banerjee Head of Credit Cards Product, National Bank of Kuwait said: “NBK is keen on the safety of its customers and is committed to preserve their rights and give them the utmost benefit from the reward programs provided to them, in view of the prevailing exceptional circumstances.”


Banerjee pointed out that the extension of the validity of NBK Miles Points comes as part of the bank's endeavors to provide the required support to customers by all means, so that they benefit from their points in an easy and convenient way once these exceptional circumstances come to an end.


Banerjee noted that NBK Credit Cards give customers the opportunity to take part in the campaigns launched all year round. Customers also enjoy a unique lifestyle thanks to the many benefits offered by these cards to their holders, ensuring they enrich their banking experience at all times.


Customers earn NBK Miles Points every time they shop in stores or online, withdraw cash, or make any other payment transaction inside or outside Kuwait as well as when using their cards while traveling. They can redeem their points online to book flights with 800 airlines, or an accommodation with 150,000 hotels or rent a car at leading car rentals from around the world. Customers can also exchange their points with any other airline rewards program participating in the NBK Miles Program.



NBK Credit Cards are the best and convenient method to make payments and give customers access to many benefits, especially when using their credit card for shopping, including the NBK Rewards Program, NBK Miles Program, NBK Secure Shopping, and warranty extension service.


Customers can review their point's statements online on NBK Online Banking or by calling 1801801.

Kuwait: NBK and Ooredoo Ink a MoU to Collectively Provide Digital Services and Solutions


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the leading provider of digital banking services in Kuwait and the region, and Ooredoo Telecom - Kuwait, the first telecom company to provide innovative digital services in Kuwait, signed a memorandum of understanding to develop digital services, products and solutions that contribute to enriching customer experience in both institutions.

The signing ceremony held at NBK Headquarters on Monday, 1 February 2021, was attended by Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of National Bank of Kuwait - Kuwait, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Babtain – CEO of Ooredoo - Kuwait, Mr. Mohammad Al-Othman, GM of Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait, Mr. Fadi Kawar – COO of Ooredoo – Kuwait, Mr. Tapan Tripathi – CMO of Ooredoo – Kuwait, Mr. Hisham Al-Nusif, Deputy GM of Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait, Mrs. Sundus AlShatti – Director  Digital Service of Ooredoo – Kuwait, and Mr. Mijble Alayoub- Senior Director,Corporate Communications of Ooredoo – Kuwait.


The MoU was signed by Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of National Bank of Kuwait - Kuwait, and Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, CEO of Ooredoo - Kuwait.

The signing of the MoU comes as part of the strategic partnership and well-established relationships between NBK and Ooredoo, and their keenness to provide cutting-edge digital services and solutions that contribute to meeting the needs of all customers to get an exceptional experience from leading institutions in both the financial services and telecommunications sectors.

Commenting on the signing, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of National Bank of Kuwait - Kuwait, said: “We are pleased to sign a cooperation agreement with an institution of Ooredoo’s stature, as part of our endeavors to create partnerships with the leading brands with a view to meeting the needs of all our customers, and enriching their banking experience.”

"We are keen to accelerate the implementation of digital transformation roadmap in line with our strategy started years ago, which contributed to our success in providing the most advanced digital services and payment solutions to our customers," Al-Fulaij added.

Al-Fulaij affirmed that NBK is committed to upgrading its digital channels, basically NBK Mobile Banking App and NBK Online Banking, which saw unprecedented popularity during the exceptional circumstances prevailing all over the world, demonstrating the bank's readiness for the successive changes in the banking industry.

On his part, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, expressed his pleasure for signing this MoU with NBK, saying: “Given its leading position, especially in the IT sector, Ooredoo Kuwait seeks to establish effective partnerships with renowned institutions that contribute to the development and progress of Kuwait. This partnership stems from the Company’s effective role, most notably by providing the unique 5G technologies. This also helps improve the quality of customers’ digital experience by providing more innovative products and services that redefine both the digital telecommunications technology and the banking sectors in the country."

Al-Babtain added: "We have the pleasure to conclude this agreement between the two leading institutions, each in its sector, and we pride in such high-value partnerships, which will yield the introduction of new financial and technological services that meet the needs of all segments of society, especially considering NBK’s leading position as a provider of world-class financial services, leading banking expertise, and digital culture that keeps pace with the era of advanced technology."

Al-Babtain pointed out that, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world is looking forward to new technologies and efficient digital solutions to help people cope with the new prevailing conditions and emerging working methods.

While this partnership offers promising opportunities to empower businesses in the country, in line with Kuwait’s Development Plan (New Kuwait 2035), both NBK and Ooredoo - Kuwait, seek to enhance their digital capabilities in supporting business environment and providing innovative solutions for financial technology platforms, promoting digital transformation process in the telecommunications sector, achieving the new Kuwait 2035 development vision, and creating direct job opportunities in the business environment.

Kuwait: NBK Announces the Winner of KD 125,000 in Al Jawhara Monthly Draw


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) continues to reward its customers with an outstanding array of draws, prizes and offers all year round. In this context, the bank announced Abeer Abdulrahman Saadat as the winner of Al Jawhara Monthly prize worth KD 125,000 for January 2021.

On the other hand, NBK announced the names of the winners of Al Jawhara Weekly Draws worth KD 5,000 each including: Saad Shayhan Najm Aldhafeeri, Salah Abdulla Ahmad AlAli and Khaled Abdullah Hamad Al Sultan.

The draw was held live on NBK Instagram page in the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as well as representatives from NBK, noting that Al Jawhara monthly and quarterly draws are conducted in the presence of a representative from Deloitte.

Al Jawhara Account gives customers the opportunity to enter draws and win prizes of KD 5,000 weekly, KD 125,000 monthly as well as the grand prize of KD 250,000 quarterly. Every KD 50 deposited into Al Jawhara Account gives the customer a chance to be one the next lucky winners, and if no withdrawal or transfers occur on the account during the holding period, customers will receive an additional chance to enter the draw for every KD 50 held in the account, doubling their chance to win.

Commenting on Al Jawhara Monthly Draw, Mr. Hisham Al-Nusif, Deputy General Manager of Consumer Banking, National Bank of Kuwait, said: “We are keen to award our customers all year round, and Al Jawhara Account gives them the opportunity to enter periodic draws, as well as provides them with an outstanding means of saving, with big chances to win.”

“We are continuously communicating with our customers to identify their needs, and also work on measuring their satisfaction with provided products, as part of our commitment to enrich their banking experience,” Al-Nusif added.

Al-Nusif affirmed that NBK is keen on making the process of Al Jawhara Account opening quick and easy by visiting the nearest NBK Branch, or simply through NBK Mobile Banking or NBK Online Banking, as part of our Digital Transformation Strategy that provides our customers with integrated banking experience by enabling them to make all their banking transactions without visiting branches.

Since 2012, National Bank of Kuwait has rewarded loyal customers with a total worth of prizes amounting KD 2,200,000 in Al Jawhara weekly, monthly and quarterly draws.

In addition to providing top-notch, cutting-edge and highly secure banking services, NBK is keen to give customers a variety of offers, rewards and prizes that suit their expectations all year round

Kuwait: NBK Reports 2020 Net Profit of KD 246.3 million


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) posted a net profit of KD 246.3 million (USD 812.3 million) for the year ended 31 December 2020, compared to KD 401.3 million (USD 1.3 billion) for the same period last year; dropping by 38.6% year-on-year.

As of end of December 2020, NBK’s total assets grew by 1.5% on annual basis, to reach KD 29.7 billion (USD 98.0 billion), while customer loans and advances grew by 5.7% compared to the same period last year, to reach KD 17.5 billion (USD 57.7 billion) while customers’ deposits grew by 7.4% to reach KD 17.1 billion (USD 56.4 billion).

NBK’s Board of Directors has proposed the distribution of a cash dividend of 20 fils per share, representing 55.6% of net profit, in addition to 5% bonus shares (5 shares for every 100 shares). The cash dividend and bonus shares, if approved by the shareholders’ general assembly, shall be payable to the shareholders after obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals. Earnings per share (EPS) stood at 32 fils, as compared to 57 fils in 2019, while shareholders’ equity stood at KD 3.2 billion (USD 10.5 billion)

Commenting on the Bank’s results, Mr. Nasser Al-Sayer, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Bank of Kuwait, said: “In a profoundly challenging year, NBK performed well and we are pleased with the results achieved by the Group in light of exceptionally challenging operating conditions.

This demonstrates the strength and resilience of our business model, the positive impact of our digital strategy and the dedication of our employees in performing their duties in such critical times.”

“The year 2020 was characterized by unprecedented challenges combined with a high level of uncertainty. NBK held up well in the face of extraordinary market conditions and clearly demonstrated its governance and prudent risk management. Furthermore, NBK reaffirmed its solid financial position alongside its commitment to supporting clients and the communities in which it operates.”

“Besides the growth in Islamic banking through our subsidiary, Boubyan Bank, remaining an important driver for earnings diversification, our international operations proved to play a vital role in mitigating risks and further diversifying our income streams.”

Al Sayer added: “The solid profits of the Bank and its strong capital base provided enough flexibility allowing for a sustained dividend policy despite the operational challenges. Throughout the year 2020, NBK boosted its capital levels by issuing KD subordinated Tier 2 bonds along with USD Tier 2 notes. The issuances being oversubscribed by 1.5x and 3.6x respectively were a testament to NBK’s strong credit profile.”

“Today, our main focus is to strength our operations in our international markets, leveraging the loyalty of our customers, while building a digitally driven culture to be fully prepared for the future.”

“Looking ahead, and although uncertainty continues to dominate the global macro scene, NBK is very well-prepared and positioned for different recovery scenarios, thanks to our flexible operational model and strong financial position.”

Al-Sayer concluded by extending his sincere appreciation to NBK employees for their devotion and commitment in supporting the bank’s customers with all their financial needs during these challenging times.
On his part, Mr. Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group CEO said: “Our 2020 profits is testimony to our dynamic business model and strategy, as well as our ability to adapt promptly to the adverse operating conditions that the pandemic imposed on us.”

Al-Sager highlighted that “the Bank has delivered good performance in 2020 considering the unprecedented operating environment that prevailed following the outbreak of COVID 19, along with the drop in oil prices and low interest rates.”

“The partial and full lockdown of activities that was introduced to limit the spread of the virus weighed heavily on businesses leading to a drop in transaction volumes. Our profitability was also negatively impacted by an increase in provisions that is mostly precautionary in nature as we maintain a conservative approach to risk”, Al-Sager pointed.

Al-Sager also highlighted that looking ahead, “The Group is moving rapidly to enhance fees and commission income streams and will stringently monitor costs, and this discipline has already enabled us to maintain operating expenses at an appropriate level. Moreover, NBK’s regional focus will be to grow organically in key markets, in particular Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where in the case of the former both the retail and wholesale markets offer compelling opportunities, while in KSA the Group’s wealth management proposition has strong momentum.”

Concluding his statements, Al-Sager said: “As we turn our attention to 2021, we have good reason to be confident in our future. We have created a strong position for ourselves through the strategic investments in our employees, operations and digital platforms”. In parallel, supported by a strong balance sheet, healthy asset quality and comfortable liquidity levels, we will be able to withstand the current crisis, and continue to deliver on our commitment towards all our stakeholders and returning to profitable growth”.

Kuwait: Al-Bahar: NBK Anticipated A Digital Pandemic and Prepared Well for It


As part of the activities of “Tamakan” career readiness program sponsored by the bank, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) held a panel discussion in which Ms. Shaikha Al-Bahar, NBK Group Deputy CEO gave a lecture and answered a number of questions raised by the participants in the program.

Commencing her meeting with the participating youth, Al-Bahar said: "It is always a great to be with the promising Kuwaiti youth. I’m here to present to you my experience and practical knowledge that I hope will help you in your career, and I will also to be inspired by your enthusiasm and innovativity."


A digital Pandemic

On the pandemic’s impact of on digital transformation in the business sector, Al-Bahar said that the crisis underscored the necessity of digital banking and electronic payment solutions to maintain customers’ safety and make their transactions easier, in view of the increased reliance on online transactions and use of mobile applications due to the exceptional circumstances resulting from the pandemic. She also indicated that the banking industry faced the challenge of increasing reliance on digital services and the financial applications of Fintech, telecom and  other companies providing advanced payments solutions, which accelerated during the pandemic, therefore, it had to move at a faster pace than planned.

Al-Bahar pointed out that NBK gave an exceptional example in this regard, saying: “We did not anticipate the crisis, but we were well prepared for a digital pandemic that would bring opportunities for those possessing the infrastructure, qualified cadres and a flexible work model capable of adapting to changes.” She also indicated that the bank started its digital transformation strategy years ago, including pumping huge investments and building tremendous infrastructure, which contributed to the bank's digital excellence during the pandemic.


Technological Partnership

Answering a question about the successful Kuwaiti projects for financial applications and electronic payment, Al-Bahar expressed her pleasure with seeing inspiring success stories of Kuwaiti entrepreneurs who started their projects in Kuwait, then expanded in other regional markets, driving more of these examples to emerge in the future.

Regarding the competition between the bank and emerging Fintech companies, Al-Bahar said: “At NBK, we have a strategy that is based on the partnership between banks and Fintech companies, whereby these companies can benefit from the infrastructure of banks to provide their services, and in return, banks can utilize their digital platforms to create more advanced banking products."


The Future is for the Private Sector

In response to a question about Kuwaiti youth preference to work in the government sector and how to motivate them to work in the private sector, Al-Bahar said that most job opportunities are available in the private sector, in light of the overstaffed government sector, with over 320,000 of national employees. And given the doubling of the population by 2035, opportunities will be limited to the private sector.

Al-Bahar mentioned that the government’s increase of investment spending to stimulate economic growth is a mandatory path to create job opportunities to contain this increase, in addition to providing financial stimulus to mitigate the fallout of the crisis and sustain existing jobs, as well as developing education to make its outputs suitable for the labor market needs.

Al-Bahar noted that NBK gives an example to follow in training students and fresh graduates, and providing them with distinguished training, which resulted in that most key leaders in the business sector are graduates of NBK training and work school.


Preparation for Labor Market

Speaking on the gap between educational outputs and labor market needs, Al-Bahar said that this gap can be narrowed by continued training and qualification after graduation, but the problem remains in the insufficiency of specializations required in the market. Given the nature of Kuwait’s demographics, where young Kuwaitis under the age of 30 represent over 60% of the population, this gap becomes clearer, thus requiring faster solutions.

Al-Bahar noted that there is collective responsibility in this regard, as the government should provide educational programs in the required specializations, maximize the benefits from scholarships, and give priority and incentives to scholarship students in those specializations.

There is also an important role for the private sector in focusing on training national cadres as part of its social responsibility.


Golden Tips for a Successful Career:

Ms. Shaikha gave the participants the following key tips to start a successful career:

  • The study represents the first stage of learning and from today onwards, there will be new stages of continuous learning throughout your career.
  • Be sure that the time spent in reading and the efforts made in learning and training are assets that grow and accumulate to generate a return increasing day by day.
  • Make your goal not limited to career advancement or earning money, rather always make sure that your contributions represent an added value, and your efforts stimulate and inspire your colleagues in the work team.
  • Do not settle except for the best, and make the difference wherever you are, that is the only way to make your dreams come true.
  • Do not limit your ambition with challenges, as the future holds changes that are full of opportunities, as well as difficulties.. Focus on the opportunities it brings to you, and prepare to overcome the challenges it imposes on you.

Kuwait: NBK Promotes the Creativity of Kuwaiti Youth through "Tamakan" Program


The new edition of "Tamkan" program for training fresh Kuwaiti university graduates was launched last week. The program is organized by Creative Confidence and sponsored by National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) for the second year in a row.

The bank hosts 40 trainees at different training positions at its HQ for three months, starting from 20 January until 8 April 2021, during which the bank provides them with courses aimed to develop their skills and qualify them to the labor market.

The program was launched in a ceremony held at the bank’s HQ following all precautionary and social distancing measures. This included holding a panel discussion with the trainees in the presence of the bank’s executive management, as part of its keenness to support all initiatives that contribute to empower and develop the Kuwaiti youth and prepare them to be future leaders.The panel discussion was headed by Mr. Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group CEO, Ms. Shaikha Al-Bahar, NBK Group Deputy CEO, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of NBK – Kuwait, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Marzouq, Deputy CEO of NBK- Kuwait, as well as Mr. Emad Al-Ablani, General Manager of Group Human Resources, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, General Manager of Consumer Banking Group.

NBK.. An Example to Follow

On the sidelines of the panel discussion held on the occasion of program launching , NBK Group CEO, Mr. Isam Al-Sager, stressed that sponsoring Tamakan program comes as part of the bank's commitment to its social responsibility and national duty to achieve sustainable development that mainly depends on preparing an innovative and hard-working generation that is able to take responsibility.

Al-Sager added that, as the leading private sector institution in Kuwait, NBK is always committed to show an example for other institutions in performing their national duties and responsibilities towards society and qualifying national cadres.

Al-Sager said that the bank believes that sustainable development guarantees the continued growth and profitability of the bank’s business in the future. Therefore, continuing to support the initiatives aimed at educating, training and developing the skills of the youth is a key pillar for achieving such development.

Al-Sager called on the trainees to be persistent and determined in order to achieve their future goals, noting that these goals are attainable only through dedicated efforts and hard work.

Investing in Human Capital

On her part, Ms. Shaikha Al-Bahar, NBK Group Deputy CEO emphasized that developing human capital is a key pillar to achieve sustainable growth, noting that the absence of well-qualified cadres would result in the inability to manage the country's abundant resources.

Al-Bahar pointed out that governments in general are doing their best to invest in education, but there is a big gap between labor market needs and the outputs of government education. Therefore, there is a pressing need to invest in the human capital through quality education that serves the needs of labor market, noting that the private sector is capable of creating real job opportunities, since the government sector will not be able to secure job opportunities for all fresh graduates.

Al-Bahar affirmed the need for educational outputs that meet the current requirements of the labor market, which has evolved and is looking for competent and experienced candidates in the areas of advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, robotic systems, programming, as well as digitization.

Al-Bahar invited the trainees to work hard and keep their ambitions sky high, and to be truly active contributors in the economic development of Kuwait.

Qualifying Future Leaders

On his part, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of NBK-Kuwait pointed out that throughout the bank's long history, training and development have always constituted the cornerstone of its successive strategies, which are based on the development of human cadres.

Al-Fulaij added that NBK organizes various activities and training programs starting with training newly hired employees to enhance their skills and help develop and qualify them to be future leaders.

The bank has the best training programs including NBK Academy that provides graduates with the best training courses developed in cooperation with leading international institutions and universities, in addition to social entrepreneurship program for young students, “Innovation Challenge” program organized by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) which aims to develop innovative human capabilities in the private sector and foster a culture of creativity and knowledge growth, he noted.

NBK and Creative Energies

From his side, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Marzouq, Deputy CEO of NBK-Kuwait advised the trainees to have the passion to achieve the desired career development, noting that developing personal skills through persistence in knowledge acquisition is a critical factor to take the highest leading positions in the future.

Al-Marzouq emphasized that NBK promotes the creative energies of its employees, which places the bank in a leading position on the regional level, noting that the work environment in NBK is distinguished by fostering the spirit of cooperation and harmonious work among employees.
NBK considers its human capital as the key pillar for its excellence, therefore, it always strives to develop and train them being the bank’s most valuable investment, he added.

Motivating Kuwaiti Youth

Tamakan program requires full-time commitment being a full-time job experience. The program aims to develop the personal skills necessary to become compelling candidates in real life, in addition to motivating Kuwaiti youth to explore their potentials and energies, and unleashing the creativity of young cadres.

The program adopts the Blended Learning methodology, and focuses on many themes and workshops about creativity and innovation, design thinking, business model design, career exploration and innovative de-risking solutions.

Remarkable Interest

Given the great success of the program’s first edition, there was a remarkable interest to apply for the program’s second edition, as applicants reached 600 and 150 interviews were held, following which the number of trainees was increased to 40 trainees. The program also witnessed developing the methodology and design of educational material by hosting international experts and holding workshops to stimulate the creative energies of the trainees.

Development of Skills

On the sidelines of the program launch event, Sumayah Al-Jasem, the Founder of Creative Confidence expressed her pleasure with NBK’s sponsorship of Tamakan program for the second year in a row, noting that for 3 months, the program will work on qualifying the trainees and enhancing their skills to fit in the real-life job market, as it represents an innovative training experience for Kuwaiti fresh graduates who need support to face the challenges of employment or setting up their own business, by developing the required skills and experience.

Creative Confidence is a Kuwait-based consulting and training company specialized in stimulating innovation and creativity and providing hands-on training experiences for Kuwaiti fresh graduates with the aim of developing young national cadres.

Thanks to NBK

At the end of the reception ceremony, the trainees extended their thanks to National Bank of Kuwait for sponsoring the program and providing its long-standing expertise to develop their skills and qualify them for the labor market in a professional way, benefiting from the bank’s highly professional organizational approach.

It is worth mentioning that National Bank of Kuwait sponsors various social initiatives serving Kuwait National Development Plan, including empowering the youth and enhancing education, out of the bank’s belief that the youth are Kuwait’s most valuable resource, and the key pillar for the country's development.

Kuwait: NBK Launches Business Banking Plus


As part of its efforts to provide all possible support to SMEs owners, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) launched Business Banking Plus, which provides many services and solutions that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

Business Banking Plus provides a variety of services including: dedicated experienced Business Banking relationship manager, fee discounts, Premium business concierge, preferential access for teller services, and complimentary Thahabi package to business owner, in addition to many other distinguished services provided by NBK for Business Banking Customers.

Mr. Bader Al-Mutawa, Assistant General Manager - Head of Business Banking at National Bank of Kuwait said: "Launching the new service comes as part of endeavors to provide support, advice and top-notch banking services to entrepreneurs, with whom we maintain close relationships that grow and develop as they transform their ideas into economic entities that enrich the diversity of the national economy and competition on the local and regional levels.”

SMEs entrepreneurs rely on technological solutions in which NBK excels, locally and regionally, thanks to its progress in implementing its Digital Transformation Strategy, which was reflected in providing advanced digital services and adding many improvements to existing services, basically NBK Mobile Banking," he added.

Al-Mutawa stressed that the bank strives to develop the solutions provided to entrepreneurs, in a way that contributes to enrich their banking experience and strengthen the existing partnership with them.

It is worth mentioning that during the COVID-19 pandemic, NBK was quick to take actions aimed to support SMEs and mitigate the fallout of the crisis on their business. Since the early days, it stopped charging fees on POS terminals and exempted customers from the monthly rental fees of POS terminals for 3 months. In addition, the bank did not stop communicating with entrepreneurs, despite the crisis, but rather intensified virtual meetings through different digital platforms to discuss with them integrated banking solutions available in an easy and safe way. As we gradually returned to normal life, the bank assigned 8 additional branches to serve Business Banking Customers in addition to Ahmad Al-Jaber Branch, with 5 of them tailored specifically for the benefit of our Business Banking Plus customers.

NBK Business Banking provides an array of banking products & services including: - Dedicated relationship officers, POS, Business Banking Credit Cards, electronic payroll processing, NBK Online Banking, business loans, LCs, LGs and local bill payment.

For more information about NBK Business Banking products and services, please visit nbk.com.

Kuwait: NBK Named Best Trade Finance Provider in Kuwait for 2021


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) was named “Best Trade Finance Provider in Kuwait for 2021” in the annual survey of the reputable international finance magazine Global Finance. The rankings are based on input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts worldwide.

NBK was selected as one of world’s and MENA’s best trade finance providers in Global Finance’s 21st annual survey that comprised 102 countries representing eight global regions and eight regions of the US.

Global Finance stated that the criteria for choosing the winners included transaction volume, scope of global coverage, customer service, competitive pricing and innovative technologies.

It is worth mentioning that, despite the challenging circumstances posed by the coronavirus pandemic, NBK succeeded consistently, to extend trade services, giving priority to medical supplies and food items, to various customer segments, to weather the crisis caused by the pandemic.

This reputable award comes in recognition of NBK’s leadership in providing innovative banking solutions and high-quality services that meet its customers’ needs. Meanwhile, the bank has been consistently awarded higher credit ratings amongst most major banks in the region from all the big three credit rating agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch. The bank’s ratings are supported by its strong capitalization, prudent lending policies, disciplined risk management approach, in addition to its highly experienced and stable management team.

Global Finance, founded in 1987 and headquartered in New York, is one of the most reputable magazines specialized in finance and economics. It has a circulation of 50,000 readers in 191 countries around the world, including senior corporate and financial officers responsible for making investment and strategic decisions at multinational companies and financial institutions.

The magazine conducts various annual surveys about innovation and profitability for banks and financial institutions worldwide, based on which it selects top performers on the regional and international levels.

Kuwait: NBK Announces the Winners of NBK Mobile Banking App Draw


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) seeks to promote its customers’ reliance on the bank’s digital channels to make their transactions, and encourage them to use electronic payment solutions. In this context, the bank gives NBK Mobile Banking App users the opportunity to enter a draw and win wonderful prizes, as part of the bank’s keenness to reward its customers all year round, through a variety of campaigns, draws and prizes that are tailored to meet their needs and expectations.

NBK announced the names of the winners of smart watches: Garmin, Fitbit, and Samsung, which can be linked to NBK Credit Cards and used to make all payments, who are as follows:

  • Ahmet Salamah

  • Arwa Behbehani

  • Kawthar Mohammed

  • Hussain Ashkanani

In addition, Sarah Mustafa Sayed Ahmed Almousawi was the lucky winner of the GAC Motor car.

Participants get two chances to the draw when they sign up for NBK Mobile Banking App for the first time, and use NBK Quick Pay, or open a Term Deposit, whereas they get one chance when they use the following services in the app: transfers to local or international beneficiaries, applying for a loan or credit card, increasing credit card limit, or increasing monthly transfer limit.

On this occasion, Hala Al Shoaibi, Head of Digital Service Quality Management, National Bank of Kuwait said: “At NBK, we seek to provide the most advanced digital banking services, and increase our customers’ reliance on these channels to make all their transactions. In this regard, our strategy is seeing great success and growing interest in using our digital channels, especially NBK Mobile Banking.”

Al Shoaibi stressed that NBK is keen on rewarding customers by launching outstanding campaigns all year round, which are tailored to meet their needs and expectations; thus contributing to enrich their banking experience.

She also highlighted NBK's endeavors to promote the use of digital banking services and advanced electronic payment solutions, which the bank is continuously working to develop.

Participants in the campaign expressed their great pleasure with the advanced digital services and solutions provided on NBK Mobile Banking App that help them meet their needs and expectations in view of the rapid changes in their daily lifestyles, especially by enabling them to make all their banking transactions anywhere, 24/7.

They also emphasized their connection with the banking services provided by NBK since their childhood, when they were Zeina Account holders, as their families sought to instill in them the culture of saving at an early age, and being part of a large financial institution like NBK. As they grew up, this connection evolved into a new form, as they opened an account with their first salary, and started to use NBK Digital Channels, mainly NBK Mobile Banking App, and participate in the exceptional draws available for the bank's customers.

It is worth mentioning that over the past period, NBK added many new services and updates to the NBK Mobile Banking App, which contributed to increase customers’ satisfaction, as these updates enabled them to do all their banking quickly and easily. Among the latest services introduced in the app were Bill Splitting, and Push Notifications service that keeps customers notified of all transactions made on their accounts.

Kuwait: Registration in “TAMAKAN” training program continues


The online registration for TAMAKAN” training program for fresh Kuwaiti graduates continues through https://www.creativeconfidence.co/tamakan/  until 14th of January 2021.

For the second year in a row, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) sponsors “TAMAKAN” training program for fresh Kuwaiti graduates, as part of its strategic partnership with “Creative Confidence”.

The program will start on January 18 until 8th of April 2021. TAMAKAN is a full-time commitment program that extends for 11 weeks, 5 days a week, from 8:30pm-3:30 pm.

The program is a full-time commitment. NBK will be hosting the program and providing a real business challenge that participants will work on into the final stages of the training sessions.

Emad Ahmed Al Ablani, NBK General Manager, Group Human Resources, said: “We encourage Kuwaiti nationals who recently graduated from university and are currently unemployed, from all majors to apply”. 

“The program helps participants gain real, relevant experience and develop their skills”, Al Ablani noted. “Participants will get exposed to the latest methods and tools that helps them in designing solutions and shaping ideas in any field. After completing the program, participants can add this experience to their resume.”

As to the process of joining the program, the applicants should fill an online form needs to be and accordingly if the candidate fits the required profile, they will be contacted via email and for an interview. Following all interviews, the candidates will be notified of the results.

NBK believes in the youth of Kuwait and is very keen and committed to support youth development.  Its partnership in this program reflects the bank’s beliefs and effort in offering unique opportunities for the Kuwaiti youth.

Creative confidence is a Kuwaiti based training company that specializes in collaboration, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship training. They will be running the program in collaboration with NBK .