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Make The Most of Your Student Years

Pay Less, Enjoy More: Make The Most of Your Student Years


Whenever there is talk of savings and bank accounts and how to handle finances properly, it’s usually assumed that only adults need to pay attention. But that’s not true. These topics are very important even for students, whether they’re in high school or college. 

High school and college years are a time of great energy, exploration and big dreams. After studies and classes are done, it’s common to spend time hanging out with friends and having fun. But, whether dining out, catching a movie or sitting in a cafe, there are expenses to be considered. 

While some may make some money through part-time jobs, many still depend on student allowances. This requires careful planning and handling to ensure you can have fun without going broke. 

But don’t worry: you can enjoy more while paying less! Here’s how.  

Keeping your allowance alive

During your late teens to early 20s, you are most likely dependent on an allowance. Making this last is arguably your biggest stress after academics. As a matter of fact, knowing how to budget yourself is a crucial life skill, and this is the perfect time to get started. Knowing how to save more is also beneficial. 

However, these things are difficult to do if you don’t have a plan and a way to track and manage expenses. That’s where banks come into play. Today, there are numerous services aimed at children and students (aged between 15 and 23). These range from youth accounts to student packages, which offer many privileges and advantages. 

Most importantly, these are not just for adults or people with fulltime jobs and salaries. If used cleverly, a youth bank account or student package can help any student track, account for and control their finances, thereby paying less and saving more.

How do youth accounts help?

Different bank accounts and packages come with different benefits and advantages. Some youth packages provide prepaid cards, giving you immediate access to your money. This means you can shop, pay bills, and recharge your credit with ease.
Some cards also feature a recharge-as-you-go plan, which allows for near-perfect financial control, making it easy to plan your monthly expenditure, stay within budget and spend sensibly. 

Another perk of youth packages is that many come with exclusive discounts ranging from 5% off to as much as 50% at hundreds of POS (Point of Sale) locations locally and thousands more internationally and online. Whether it’s a cinema, gym membership or a place to eat, there will most likely be a discount or offer you can avail. Further, whenever you make a purchase, you will be notified through an instant SMS, allowing you to easily track your spending.

A whole new world

What’s more, these youth accounts will open up the worlds of online and mobile banking to you – all while you’re still a student. While you will have to get a bank account after graduating and getting a job, doing it when you’re still in college has massive advantages. 
So, if you’re a student, it’s time to start researching the available youth bank packages around you and pick one that suits your requirements. Yes, you’ll have to do some planning and it’ll take some time to get used to it, but the benefits are huge. 

And that’s how you can pay less and enjoy more – while you’re still a student!