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Kuwait: NBK Supports The “Girls 4 Girls” Initiative With the Cooperation of The Women Cultural & Social Society.


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is sponsoring the Girls 4 Girls (G4G) program in its 2022 for women empowerment outreach. The program is conducted with the cooperation of the Women Cultural & Social Society(WCSS).

The G4G program is a global initiative spread over 28 countries and created in 2017 by a group of highly accomplished women, all alumni of Harvard University-Kennedy School of Government. It aims to address the persistent gender inequality in leadership positions across the globe and to generate a pipeline of girls ready to take on leadership positions across key areas in government, business, and civil society hence it addresses and encourages girls and women aged between 16 and 50 years to attend.

The G4G in Kuwait started its operation in 2021 with 4 interactive modules and it aims to have more programs in 2022. The first module will start on 8th January 2022, ending on the 12th of Feb with one session per week. The dedicated G4G line is 63336931. The registration is open on a live link through the Instagram page girls4girlskuwait.

There will be other modules spread all through the year, and the program encourages all to register.  The program will bring together insights from key leaders and a global mentoring network to empower young women to play a greater role in leadership.

Nabila Abu-Hantash, a Harvard alum, a corporate strategist, and the program Country Lead stated that “G4G is a modest, informal, yet powerful, platform that channels Harvard knowledge, established to listen to, and cooperate with, women so we can learn from each other, and inspire girls to aspire.” In her turn, Ms. Sharifa Alkhamees a board member in the women cultural society said that she “believes in the effectiveness of the program and is excited about its  interactive modality.”

On the other hand, Joanne Al Abdul Jaleel, NBK Public Relations Officer, said “We are proud to support this international program, as we aspire to improve more developmental outcomes in terms of empowering women and improving their representation and development in their societies.

Al Abdul Jaleel admired the efforts put in the program both by the G4G - WCSS team and praised the objectives of the program that focus on courageous leadership, the art of communication, negotiations, public service, stepping up to the office, ethics, and values in decision making. Al Abdul Jaleel noted that these focus points for women's empowerment are at the forefront of NBK’s strategic priorities for sustainable development.

The G4G program requires active participation in identifying great leaders, presenting a great speech and leading a conversation; identifying public service, giving back, and conferring the difficult moral decisions to take.

Kuwait: NBK Reports Net Profit of KD 362.2 million for FY 2021


National Bank of Kuwait (“NBK”, the “Bank” or the “Group”) has announced its financial results for the twelve-month period ended 31 December 2021. NBK reported a net profit of KD 362.2 million (USD 1.2 billion), compared to KD 246.3 million (USD 814.4 million), improving by 47.1% year-on-year.

As of end of December 2021, NBK’s total assets grew by 11.9% on annual basis, to reach KD 33.3 billion (USD 109.9 billion), while customers’ deposits grew by 6.9% to reach KD 18.3 billion (USD 60.4 billion).

Customer loans and advances on the other hand grew by 12.7% compared to the same period last year, to reach KD 19.7 billion (USD 65.2 billion)while  total shareholders’ equity stood at KD 3.3 billion (USD 11.0 billion) by end of year 2021.

NBK’s Board of Directors has proposed the distribution of a cash dividend of 30 fils per share, representing 59.6% of net profit, in addition to 5% bonus shares (5 shares for every 100 shares). The cash dividend and bonus shares, if approved by the shareholders’ general assembly, shall be payable to the shareholders after obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals.

Earnings per share (EPS) stood at 47 fils, as compared to 31 fils in 2020.

Commenting on the results, NBK Group Chairman, Nasser Al-Sayer, said:
“NBK delivered strong financial results despite the continued challenges posed by the pandemic on the operating environment and the global economy.”

“NBK’s performance affirmed the flexibility and diversity of the Bank’s business model in 2021 through achieving superior returns for its shareholders. The Bank demonstrated its unique ability to overcome the disruptive operating environment whilst persisting to invest in human resources and in our digital agenda to secure future growth,” he noted.

Al-Sayer added: “The bank enjoys a solid financial position alongside a strong and stable capital base; which supports our ability in meeting the growing needs of clients. Throughout the year, the Bank invested heavily in its strategic digital infrastructure in order to position NBK to grow and prosper over the long term.”

“Despite the continued state of uncertainty stemming from the repercussions of the pandemic, the Bank maintained its commitment towards rewarding and adding value to shareholders through strong cash dividends and bonus shares distributions,” he elaborated

”The operational environment in Kuwait is promising in 2022 and we are optimistic with regards to the opportunities embedded; in light of the high vaccination rates which would eventually enhance business sentiment and contribute positively to economic growth alongside the support to the state’s fiscal standing from the recovery in oil prices,” he mentioned.

“We take pride in the progress that we achieved in implementing the highest standards of corporate governance whilst embedding sustainability as an integral part of our corporate culture and operations. Furthermore, we will continue our promises in achieving responsible and sustainable growth and to sharing our successes with the communities in which we operate,” Al-Sayer stated.

Al-Sayer affirmed that: “NBK will continue in its responsible role in supporting the global objective of low-carbon emissions and mitigating the risks of climate change whilst delivering strides across other sustainability initiatives. In this regard, we have set specific goals for sustainable business, and are keen on embedding climate-related considerations as part of our business model in the future.”

“We will continue to place considerable value on the health and safety of our employees and customers while ensuring the delivery of world class products and highest service quality. Moreover, the Bank will remain committed into supporting and contributing to the recovery of Kuwait’s economy,” he concluded.

On his part, NBK Group Chief Executive Officer, Issam J. Al Sager, commented:
“Despite the resurgence of Covid-19 cases and the uncertainty around economic outlook during 2021, NBK succeeded in recording solid profits and exceeded strategic targets set for the year.

The operating environment in Kuwait witnessed a moderate rebound that was characterized by higher consumer spending, improvement in business activity and volumes as well as gradual recovery in government spending and project awarding, which reached KD 1.5 billion in 2021.”

 “NBK delivered robust growth and strong financial performance across business lines. Regardless of the continued low interest rate environment, the Bank’s resilient loans and deposits growth contributed positively and supported in maintaining stable margins,” he added.

“Thanks to the proactive and conservative approach that NBK adopted since the beginning of the pandemic, we now bear the fruits of recording lower cost of risk levels which contributed positively in growing our bottom line profits. Our operating income for the year increased by 7.6% to reach KD 906.3 million; driven by a robust growth in core banking income,” he mentioned.

Al-Sager noted: “The Group continued towards achieving its strategic objectives with wealth management and Islamic banking conveying decent growth and further endorsed its financing dominance and capabilities across retail and corporate segments. Moreover, our non-interest income continues to grow, taking advantage of the different markets where we operate and the strong relationships the Bank has established with its customers over many years.”

“Our digital transformation continued to accelerate this year, driving efficiency and enhanced customer experience, while we also laid the foundation for future growth by launching Weyay, Kuwait’s first digital bank, to better attract and serve the needs of the youth,” he highlighted.

Al-Sager mentioned that “During 2021, NBK added a pool of prestigious awards in recognition of the quality of services and products delivered to clients. Likewise, the Bank asserted itself as a leading global financial institution issuer in the region as we succeeded in issuing two bonds to further enhance its capitalization & liquidity levels and to diversify the Group’s funding profile. The issuances marked a milestone for the Bank and further endorsed investors’ continuous confidence in the Bank’s prudent management and confidence in overcoming crises.”

“In 2022, we will intensify our focus in constantly designing and delivering innovative propositions to our clients. We will also upgrade our digital infrastructure foundations to enrich customers’ experience and to serve as a springboard for regional growth and expansion; as well as investing heavily in our people – who represent the engine of our growth and success,” he promised.

“NBK will remain agile in positioning and endorsing ESG as a core principle to the way we conduct and operate our business, with initiatives in relation to identifying and quantifying ESG already in place. Our commitment is ongoing, with special focus on assessing the direct and indirect environmental impact of our operations, especially as the risks of climate change continue to emerge.”

Performance and operating highlights FY 2021:
• Total assets grew by 11.9% year-on-year, to KD 33.3 billion (USD 109.9 billion)
• Net operating income of KD 906.3 million (USD 3.0 billion), increasing by 7.6% compared to FY 2020
• Customer deposits increased by 6.9% year-on-year to KD 18.3 billion (USD 60.4 billion)
• Total loans and advances grew by 12.7% year-on-year to KD 19.7 billion (USD 65.2 billion)
• Shareholders’ equity stood at KD 3.3 billion (USD 11.0 billion)
• Strong asset quality metrics, with NPL/gross loans ratio at 1.04% and an NPL coverage ratio of 300%
• Robust Capital Adequacy Ratio of 18.1%, comfortably in excess of regulatory requirements   


Kuwait: NBK Publishes the All-Inclusive Guide of Its Role at Supporting “Let’s Be Aware” Campaign


Underscoring its intensified efforts in support of the banking awareness campaign “Let’s Be Aware” recently launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait, and its keenness to raise customer’s awareness and spreading the banking culture in society, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has published an electronic version of the all-inclusive guide of “Let’s Be Aware” campaign, for easy access and keeping.

The guide has been published on all NBK’s social media platforms, website, as well as via WhatsApp and soon via SMS for convenience of reference.

The document highlights NBK’s role in supporting the campaign, and provides a summary of all covered topics including: bank cards, the process of borrowing and financing, services provided for special needs customers, investment and savings, personal finance, security tips, customer protection, and virtual currencies.

Each topic in the guide includes a concise explanation, in addition to links to all details related to the topic on NBK’s website and social media accounts, giving the reader access to all audio-visual materials as well.

On this occasion, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Rushaid, AGM – Communications and Social Media at National Bank of Kuwait, said: “NBK is keen on supporting all the initiatives of the Central Bank of Kuwait, and we intensify our efforts in support of “Let’s Be Aware” campaign, in line with our endeavors to promote financial culture among all segments of society, and raise awareness about how to make the utmost benefit from the various services provided by banks.”

“Publishing the electronic version of the all-inclusive guide of NBK’s role in supporting the efforts of the “Let's Be Aware” campaign will serve as a reference that is easy to access and keep,” he mentioned.

Al-Rushaid accentuated the importance of the campaign’s awareness agenda, which focuses on educating customers on their rights and all the services they can avail, as well as spreading awareness on the importance of saving and familiarizing customers with appropriate investment channels.

“At NBK, we are committed to play our leading role in raising the awareness in society about all issues related to the banking sector, through our branches as well as all digital platforms, which have the highest penetration levels among all Kuwaiti banks,” he added.

Al-Rushaid noted that NBK is a key partner in all the initiatives and campaigns of the Central Bank of Kuwait aiming to raise financial awareness and banking culture among all segments of society.

It is worth mentioning that the banking awareness campaign “Let’s Be Aware” was launched by by the Central Bank of Kuwait in collaboration with Kuwait banks, with a view to spread the financial culture and enhance bank customers’ knowledge of their rights and obligations, and the best ways to benefit from the banking services. It also aims to promote the saving and investment culture, by publishing a variety of awareness materials provided by the campaign and information related to financial culture.

The campaign covers a variety of topics including the process of borrowing, bank cards, education on the rights of special needs customers, as well as tips on cybersecurity and protection of bank accounts. It also provides guidance regarding complaint submission mechanisms, protection of customers’ rights, introduction of the functions of the banking sector and its role in promoting and developing the economy, in order to familiarize all segments of society with financial and banking transactions.

For more information about the campaign, please visit:

Kuwait: NBK Launching New Services for the First Time in Kuwait on NBK Mobile Banking App


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) strives to enrich the banking experience of its customers by providing them services and enhancements to meet their needs and enable them to make all their transactions in a quick and easy way. In this context, the bank has added a new bundle of revamped and new services to NBK Mobile Banking App.

The newly released services include the ability to add a beneficiary, transfer money and more using QR Code through NBK Mobile Banking App, as well as adding Widgets to easily view account balance, credit card balance, as well as activation of all card types.


QR Code Transfers

NBK is the first bank in Kuwait to allow adding beneficiaries and transferring money to them in KD using QR code via NBK Mobile Banking App, thus saving the time and effort of adding NBK beneficiaries and making transfers.

The service is only available for NBK Mobile Banking users who can create the QR Code and save it in their photo gallery for convenient future use, or sharing via any app on their mobile.


Adding Widgets

For the first time in Kuwait, NBK provides new Widgets for viewing the account balance, credit card balance, NBK Rewards Points and locate the nearest NBK Branch.

NBK Mobile Banking App users on iOS can benefit from this feature with one easy tap/ swipe without logging in to the app.

By using this new feature, customers are able to view NBK Rewards Points in Kuwaiti Dinars, better control their spending, as well as locate their nearest branch.


Enhanced Side Menu

With the enhanced side menu of NBK Mobile Banking App, customers can navigate through the services easily and quickly.

The enhancements help customers to view NBK Rewards Program and NBK Miles Program in an easy way without any clicks after downloading the updated version of the app.


Card Activation

This is another new service added to NBK Mobile Banking App enabling customers to activate all cards using the app, as customers are required to activate their cards after receiving them. This includes all card types (Debit, credit and prepaid cards).

Commenting on the newly released services, Hala Al Shoaibi, Head of Digital Service Quality Management, National Bank of Kuwait said: “We are making consistent upgrades to NBK Mobile Banking App to meet our customers’ needs, and allow them to make their transactions quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere.”

By launching the new services, we mainly aim to help our customers better control their spending and access all the services of NBK Mobile Banking App with utmost speed and convenience, she pointed out.

“The new services and enhancements launched for the first time in Kuwait, come in line with our strategy to offer our customers a leading digital experience through NBK Mobile Banking App,” she added.

Al Shoaibi emphasized that NBK will continue to provide the NBK Mobile Banking App users with  new and leading services that live up to their expectations; especially after of the significant increase in customers’ reliance on the app for their transactions.

Through NBK Mobile Banking App, NBK aims to provide customers with a secure way to manage their money easily at any time. The app allows them to make various banking transactions that includes: opening a new account, viewing transactions made on account and credit cards, checking NBK Miles Points and NBK Rewards Points balance, paying credit card dues and different e-bills, locating NBK Branches and NBK ATMs/ CDMs across Kuwait, as well as requesting account statement, checkbook and other services.

The app also features a variety of advanced services like managing cards while traveling, and increasing the monthly transfer limit; making it the ideal travel companion.

Kuwait: NBK Unleashes the Potentials of the Kuwaiti Youth in “Tamakan” Program


The new edition of “Tamakan” training program for fresh Kuwaiti university graduates offered by Creative Confidence Consulting Company was launched with the strategic sponsorship of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) for the third consecutive year.

In this hands-on training experience, NBK hosts 34 trainees at different training locations at its headquarters for 3 months, starting from 18 January until 27 March 2022, during which the bank provides them with courses aimed to develop their skills and qualify them to the labor market.

The program was launched in a ceremony held at NBK’s headquarters following all precautionary and social distancing measures. This included holding a panel discussion with the trainees in the presence of the bank’s executive management, in line of their commitment to support all initiatives aiming to empower and develop the Kuwaiti youth and preparing them to be future leaders.

The panel discussion was headed by Mr. Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group CEO, Mrs. Shaikha Al-Bahar, NBK Group Deputy CEO, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of NBK – Kuwait, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Marzouq, Deputy CEO of NBK- Kuwait, Mr. Faisal A. Al-Hamad, Chief Executive Officer - Global Wealth Management at National Bank of Kuwait, as well as Mr. Emad Al-Ablani, GM - Group Human Resources, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, GM - Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait.

Investing into the future

On the sidelines of the panel discussion held at the program’s launch, NBK Group CEO, Mr. Isam Al-Sager noted that sponsoring Tamakan program comes in line with NBK’s unshakable commitment towards the youth and supporting them in their career considering that a real investment into the future.

NBK always places the youth as a top priority to ensure achieving a prosperous future for Kuwait, he added.

Al-Sager highlighted that these and other initiatives come in line with NBK’s commitment to its social responsibility and its role in achieving sustainable development, which depends on preparing an innovative, hardworking generation that is able to take responsibility.

He stressed that, as the largest Kuwaiti private sector institution, NBK always shows a role model in delivering on its social role and responsibility by contributing to qualification of young national cadres.

“The remarkable success achieved by the program over the past years was a great driver to continue our sponsorship of its new version. Therefore, I ask the trainees to show perseverance to realize their future goals, which are only attainable through dedicated efforts and hard work,” he concluded.

The quality of education

On her part, Mrs. Shaikha Al-Bahar, NBK Group Deputy CEO emphasized that investing in the youth is investing in a better future, therefore, the quality of education should be our top priority so that we can build a better future for our country.

Al-Bahar called on the government to work hard to develop the entire educational system, including the various stages of the educational process, in addition to the human factor represented in educational cadres.

“The rapid and changing development we are witnessing in all sectors and different industries by reliance on technology requires us to develop the human capital to keep pace with these developments to achieve sustainable growth, as the absence of well-qualified cadres means the inability to manage the country’s wealth in the future,” she explained.

Al-Bahar mentioned that the coronavirus pandemic showed the importance of digitization, as well as the urgent need to qualify the youth for a rapidly advancing and changing future, stressing the need to make a radical change in education to keep pace with what the labor market requirements, which is now looking for competent and experienced cadres in the areas of advanced technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic systems and programming.

Al-Bahar urged the youth to work hard to get prepared for the future to be active contributors in the development of Kuwait.

Having the passion

From his side, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of NBK-Kuwait advised the youth to raise the ceiling of their ambitions and have the passion to achieve their desired career development. He pointed out that developing personal skills and perseverance in knowledge acquisition and learning are critical factors for a successful career path and qualification for the highest leadership positions in the future.

Al-Fulaij stressed that to hold a leadership position at NBK, it took a long journey and years of dedicated efforts, giving, and unwavering pursuit of investing in one’s self, noting that success requires striving for development and unquenchable eagerness for learning and accomplishment.

Hard work and dedication

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Marzouq, Deputy CEO of NBK-Kuwait said that the government sector has an issue in fair job process, which creates much frustration for the youth aspiring for a successful career.

Hard work and dedication are the keys to development in the private sector, which provides proper guidance to enhance personal skills and helps identify the strengths and weaknesses for personal skills development, he elaborated.

Al-Marzouq emphasized that the new generation has much better potentials and capabilities than previous generations, as we are now living in a more developed and open era, and all a successful person needs is to develop a strategic plan to manage their strengths and highlight their skills.

Investing in one’s self

In his speech, Mr. Faisal A. Al-Hamad, Chief Executive Officer - Global Wealth Management at National Bank of Kuwait advised the Kuwaiti youth of the necessity of investing in themselves, early planning for the future, and focusing on joining an encouraging work environment that contributes to learning and development.

Al-Hamad called on the youth to search for an ideal that stimulates the potential energies and helps in development and thinking, which is pivotal in developing one’s personality in his career.

He advised the youth to be flexible, innovative and actively pursue knowledge in order to keep pace with this massive transformation taking place in the labor market.

Potential energies

Tamakan program requires full-time commitment being a full-time job experience; the program aims to develop the personal skills needed to become compelling candidates for employment in addition to motivating Kuwaiti youth to explore the potentials and energies within them, and unleashing the creativity of young cadres.

The program adopts the Blended Learning methodology, and focuses on many themes and workshops about creativity and innovation, design thinking, business model design, career exploration and innovative de-risking solutions.

Remarkable interest

Given the great success of the program’s first two editions, there was a remarkable interest in joining the program, with 550 applicants and 150 interviews, following which the number of trainees was increased to 34 trainees. The program also witnessed developing the methodology and design of educational materials by hosting international experts and holding workshops to stimulate the creative energies of the trainees.

Enhancing the skills

On the sidelines of the program launch event, Rana Al-Rasheed, Strategy Director at Creative Confidence expressed her pleasure with NBK’s sponsorship of Tamakan program for the third year in a row, noting that for 10 weeks, the program will qualify trainees and enhance their skills to fit in the real life job market, as it constitutes an innovative training experience for Kuwaiti graduates who need support to face the challenges of employment or setting up their own business, by developing required skills as well as providing experience.

Creative Confidence is a Kuwaiti consulting and training company specializing in stimulating innovation and creativity and providing practical training experiences for Kuwaiti graduates with the aim of developing young Kuwaiti cadres.

A major supporter

At the end of the reception ceremony, the trainees extended their thanks to National Bank of Kuwait for sponsoring the program and providing its long-standing expertise to develop their skills and qualify them for the labor market in a professional way, benefiting from the bank’s highly professional organizational approach.

It is worth mentioning that NBK sponsors various social initiatives serving Kuwait National Development Plan, including empowering youth and developing education, in line with its belief that the youth are Kuwait’s most valuable resource, and the cornerstone for the country's development.

Kuwait: NBK Learning Hub.. A Comprehensive Revolution in Staff Digital Training


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), through Group Human Resources Training and Development Department, has made remarkable achievements in upgrading the staff training system over the last period, whether through Blended Learning platforms represented in NBK Learning Hub or through its efforts to promote a training culture across all its branches spanning across 4 continents and 14 countries worldwide- starting from Beijing in the East and reaching to New York in the West, to align with its Digital Transformation Strategy.

NBK Learning Hub was  entirely revamped in 2021, representing a comprehensive revolution in the concept of training, by utilizing technology to make E-Learning more appealing and effective for all employees. In addition, it contributes to implementing the strategic plans of NBK’s training system for “Continuous Learning” with the aim of achieving personal growth as well as enabling investing in employees’ talents and skills, thus driving sustainable growth for the bank.

NBK Learning Hub features a state-of-the-art design that is easy to access and user friendly when navigating relevant trainings when needed. It also boasts a rich digital library that includes  multiple of different courses tailored to the needs of all employees and managers  from different career paths. Furthermore, it’s up to date features permits employees to have their own personal page to track their past training activities, as well as their mandatory training courses, which contributes to the self-evaluation of the learning process and the extent of development achieved by the employee.
The revamping of NBK Learning Hub involves the incorporation of mandatory training courses, which are set by the regulators in all the international markets in which the bank operates.

To this end, the Human Resources and Compliance teams collaborated together  to promote and focus on prioritizing the mandatory training, which resulted in successfully achieving a 94% completion rate for the courses.

The Hub also encompasses induction programs for new employees in different branches and departments, as well as training courses offered by NBK Academy which consist of providing training to newly hired employees, covering various areas of the banking business, such as banking principles, risk management, financial accounting, marketing, negotiation, consumer and commercial lending, as well as focusing on soft skills training related to creativity, innovation and design thinking.

On this occasion, Ahmad Darweesh, Head of Training and Development at National Bank of Kuwait quoted: “We have taken important steps to ensure that the bank’s employees enjoy a more attractive learning experience.

During 2021, we revamped NBK Learning Hub to make training easier and more effective, in line with the commitment of Group Human Resources to promote digital culture, and its comprehensive strategy to improve the learning experience of NBK employees.”

NBK Learning Hub is accessible for all employees anytime, anywhere, providing learning across many topics, that include over 160 educational paths, designed according to the High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL) Model, in cooperation with IQUAD Learning, Darweesh added.

The Hub’s digital library was enriched and implemented by collaborating with the international Cross Knowledge organization, specialized in creating training content, which is prepared by faculty staff of reputable universities such as Stanford, Harvard, INSEAD, MIT and IE Business, he elaborated.

The Hub also includes 40 training themes available in both English and Arabic, directing employees to a variety of articles, podcasts, videos, book summaries and virtual training sessions.

He emphasized that the Hub witnessed remarkable interaction with the virtual training offerings, which recorded a significant increase during the past months, with 3,000 trainees who received 9.2 thousand training hours from last September until December.

Darweesh noted that Group Human Resources and Training and Development Department are working on further developing the training approach and exploring how technology can support the development of the bank’s human cadres, in addition to designing all learning opportunities to make these cadres well-positioned to embrace digital transformation in the future.

NBK Group Human Resources prides in the progress achieved in implementing a top-notch training program roadmap that aims to help promote a digital culture across NBK Group, in line with the bank’s digital transformation strategy. NBK provides equal opportunities for all its employees, by giving them opportunities to attend training programs that are designed based on assessment of corporate and individual needs, as well as being committed to developing the academic and practical skills of its staff, with a view to prepare them as holistic future leaders.

Kuwait: NBK KWT Visa Infinite Credit Card Provides Exceptional Rewards Combined With a Feeling of National Pride


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is always committed to reward its customers and ensure providing them with the most up-to-date top-notch services and enriching their banking experience. In this context, the bank announced providing its customers with an exclusive package of rewards catering to their needs and fitting their different lifestyles when using NBK KWT Visa Infinite Credit Card featuring a totally unique design.

The new NBK Visa card comes in two unique vertical designs - for him and her, with a luxurious metal finish and a QR code incorporated in the card design allowing customers to always be update to date with the latest offers.

For the first time in Kuwait, customers can activate the card using NFC Card activation service, simply by tapping the card on the Smartphone to direct to the Activation page on NBK Mobile Application, without the need to visit an ATM or calling the Contact Center.

The NBK Visa card gives customers the flexibility to choose the way they want to earn rewards based on their lifestyle; either the Spend Tier or Merchant Category option.

Customer can earn NBK KWT Points on all their spends made using NBK KWT Visa Infinite Credit Card when choosing the Spends Tier earning option, based on their monthly spends with up to 5% on Digital Payment, up to 5% on International POS and up to 3% on all other spends.

On the other hand, when choosing the Merchant Category, it allows customers to earn NBK KWT Points on all payments made using NBK KWT Visa Infinite Credit Card at the selected categories, with 10% on Dining and Telecom, 5% on Fitness,Beauty and Jewlery  and 3% on Clothing, Grocery and Education.

In addition, customers will enjoy flat 10% NBK KWT Points when using their card at Ikea, Eureka, Farfetch, and booking.com.

The earned NBK KWT Points can be redeemed through NBK Online or Mobile Banking whether as cashback directly to the card, travel booking at more than 800 airlines and 150,000 hotels, e-Vouchers from over 190 merchants, and points exchange with most preferred airlines...

Customers can earn NBK KWT Points up to KD 1,000 every month. In addition, NBK KWT Visa Infinite Credit Cardholders can earn NBK Rewards Points at over 900 participating outlets.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, GM-Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait said: “The new NBK Visa card combines an exclusive package of exceptional rewards with a design inspiring national pride’ making it a card like no other.”

NBK KWT Visa Infinite Credit Card gives its holders a unique lifestyle thanks to the included benefits and offers that are tailored to fit customers’ needs and meet their expectations, he added.

Al-Othman noted NBK is keen to stay closer to its customers and to identify all their banking needs, stressing that he fully trusts that this card will be the apt option for them during travel and shopping.

On his part, Shashank Singh, Visa’s General Manager for Kuwait and Qatar, said: “We are pleased to cooperate with the NBK in providing NBK KWT Visa Infinite credit card to consumers in Kuwait. The design and benefits of the card are truly an embodiment of how Visa brings unmatched experiences to a select group of customers whose lives are defined by distinction.  At Visa, we continuously strive with our partners like NBK to bring such rewarding products so that our cardholders can benefit from secure and seamless payment experiences as well as the peace of mind of worldwide acceptance at 70 million merchant locations while travelling abroad.”

NBK has also partnered with Emirates Skywards, the award-winning loyalty programme of Emirates and flydubai, offering customers a chance to convert NBK KWT points to Skywards Miles. Customers can redeem Miles on a wide-range of benefits and privileges, including flight rewards with Emirates and partner airlines, upgrades, hotel stays and money-can’t-buy experiences.

Dr. Nejib Ben Khedher, Divisional Senior Vice President Emirates Skywards said: “We’re very happy to be partnering with a leading financial institution, National Bank of Kuwait, to offer customers a chance to convert Points into Skywards Miles, and access incredible rewards and privileges the award-winning loyalty programme is famed for. From flight rewards, hotel stays, and hospitality tickets to world renowned sporting events – customers can now truly experience flying better with Emirates in the air, and on-ground. 

Customers can enjoy having the card free for life subject to annual spend threshold.

NBK Credit Cards are the best payment method for the convenience they provide to customers, in addition to the various benefits like eligibility to NBK Miles Program, Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty, as well as eligibility for NBK various draws.

Terms and conditions apply and for more information about NBK services and offers, please visit nbk.com

Kuwait: NBK Academy Celebrates the Graduation of the 25th Batch


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) Academy celebrated the graduation of the 25th batch, the 2nd in 2021, of newly hired employees who successfully met admission criteria for this intensive course, specially designed for fresh Kuwaiti university graduates.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Mr. Emad Al-Ablani, GM – Group Human Resources and Najla Al-Sager, Head of Talent Management, Group Human Resources at National Bank of Kuwait, subject to all precautionary measures taken by the bank against coronavirus.

The Academy’s training program, which lasted for four months, hosted 13 participants and covered various areas of the banking business, such as banking principles, risk management, financial accounting, marketing, negotiation, consumer and commercial lending, as well as training on creativity, innovation and design thinking. Various blended learning interventions occurred through in person and virtual courses. Furthermore, their development continues through eLearning after the academy ends.

On this occasion, Najla Al-Sager, Head of Talent Management, Group Human Resources at National Bank of Kuwait, said: “NBK Academy is one of the initiatives we are proud of, aiming to qualify professional national banking leaders.”

NBK pays great attention to enhancing the skills of its employees, harnessing all its capabilities to contribute to their career development by providing training and development programs in cooperation with the most prestigious educational institutions, she added.

Al-Sager emphasized that NBK’s strategy to develop its human cadres is placed at the heart of its strategic plans, due to its belief that an efficient work team guarantees the provision of high- quality banking services of all kinds, and across the different markets, the bank operates in.

Launched 13 years ago, NBK Academy embodies the bank’s strategy to recruit fresh graduate national talents as well as develop and qualify them to work in the banking sector.

It is worth mentioning that the program content is regularly enhanced to keep pace with the latest international researches and studies related to the banking sector and administrative sciences.

The Academy reflects NBK’s vision to support sustainable human capital development as one of its top strategic priorities and a shared responsibility between the various governmental institutions and the private sector.
NBK Academy was launched in 2008 with a view to pave the way for fresh Kuwaiti graduates to join the banking services sector. The Academy provides graduates with the best training programs developed in cooperation with leading international institutions and universities to meet the demands of the labor market.


Kuwait: NBK Announces the Winners of Al-Jawhara Quarterly Draw and 2 “Tesla Model 3” Cars


Al-Othman: At NBK, we are committed to offer our customers an inclusive banking experience satisfying all their needs

We are keen to organize special events, in line with our strategy to be closer to customers

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is keen on holding special events for Al-Jawhara Account quarterly draws, and the summer campaign to win “Tesla Model 3” cars, as part of the endeavors to ensure providing its customers with an exclusive array of draws and prizes that meet their needs and expectations.

In this context, NBK organized an exceptional event at Kuwait Motor Town (KMT) on Saturday 8 January, which included conducting the two postponed Al-Jawhara draws; the quarterly draw of 28 December 2021 and the weekly draw of 4 January 2022, as well as two draws of the summer campaign to win “Tesla Model 3” cars.

The event was attended by Mr. Haitham Al-Khaled, Board Member of National Bank of Kuwait, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of National Bank of Kuwait - Kuwait, , Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, GM-Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait.

NBK was the official sponsor of KMT’s first edition of KMTC-Kuwait Motor Town Championship. We announced 12 winners from Street, Super Street, GT and Unlimited.

During the event, NBK announced Balqis Bai Anwar as the winner of the quarterly draw worth KD 250,000 which postponed from 28 December 2021 and the minor, Hussain Mohammad Hajjiyah as the winner of the weekly draw worth KD 5,000 which postponed from 4 Januaty 2022. The bank also announced Mubarak Fahad Nabih Al-Khurainej and Fahad Sharek Hassan Al-Maqseed as the winners of “Tesla Model 3” cars- all in the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as well as representatives from NBK and Deloitte.

On the other hand, the winners of other December weekly prizes of KD 5,000 each were: Fouad Omar El Nassar, Sawsan Abdul Aziz Al Remih and Hawraa Adel Abbas.

The event witnessed various entertainment activities for all family members, in addition to many booths showcasing NBK’s key services provided to Private Banking and Premium Family Banking Customers, which also involved Business Banking Customers.

Besides, food trucks provided a variety of free meals to the visitors in cooperation with the V-Thru app, and a dedicated kids’ area including many entertaining games was also available for all our younger guests.

The awards were presented in a festive atmosphere featuring many artistic shows, in the presence of the signers Salman Al-Ammari and Bader Nouri, and Almas Band.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed Al-Othman, GM - Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait said: “We are keen to offer our customers an inclusive and exceptional banking experience satisfying all our customers’ needs and fitting their different lifestyles.”

“Our strategy in rewarding our customers is based on a unique package of draws and prizes that meet our customers’ expectations while reflecting NBK’s leadership in providing innovative and outstanding banking experience,” he added.

Al-Othman noted that Al-Jawhara Account is a key pillar in NBK’s customer rewarding strategy, in addition to being an outstanding saving channel that encourages customers to make savings, in line with the bank’s strategy to achieve financial inclusion and promote the saving culture.”

NBK is committed to organize engaging events in line with its strategy to be closer to customers, which include introducing the top-notch products and services products and services provided by Consumer Banking Group to all customer segments, he concluded.

Al-Jawhara Account gives customers the opportunity to enter draws and win prizes of KD 5,000 weekly, KD 125,000 monthly as well as the grand prize of KD 250,000 quarterly. Every KD 50 deposited into Al-Jawhara Account gives the customer a chance to be one the next lucky winners.

The account can be opened very easily through NBK Mobile Banking or NBK Online Banking or by visiting the nearest NBK branch. For more information about Al-Jawhara Account, you can visit nbk.com

NBK also launched its annual summer campaign, the first of its kind in Kuwait, enabling customers to win 9 “Tesla Model 3” cars. As per the campaign, NBK Credit or Prepaid Cardholders can get the opportunity to enter a draw on 7 “Tesla Model 3” cars when using their eligible cards during the campaign. NBK also allows students who transfer their student allowance to the bank and apply for Al-Shabab Prepaid Card or NBK Visa Credit Cards to get 3 chances to enter the draw on 2 “Tesla Model 3” cars.

Kuwait: NBK Social Media Platforms are Exquisite and Unique


In 2021, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) Social Media Platform was a key tool to stay closer to its customers, thanks to its widespread channels as the bank managed to effectively interact with customers and was able to promptly respond to all their inquiries, meet their needs and provide them with the latest news and developments related to the bank and its activities. 

In 2021, NBK’s social media pages saw a significant growth in followers, up by 8.8%, with about 150,000 new followers, bringing the total number of followers to 1.85 million, a testament that NBK always keeps pace with all its customers’ needs, providing innovative solutions and constantly opening all channels of communication around the clock.   

The content of NBK social media pages witnessed remarkable interaction all year round, as the number of interactions grew by 12.5% YoY, reaching 4.5 million, compared to 4 million the previous year, thus maintain our leading ranking among our peers. 

As for NBK’s website, which is one of the key channels of communication with the bank’s customers and a vital means for them to carry out their transactions, it witnessed growing interest during the year, as site visits increased by 16% compared to last year, bringing total visits to 5.8 million visits, with a daily average of about 30,000 visits. 

Commenting on the accomplishments made throughout the year, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Rushaid, Assistant General Manager of Communications Department at National Bank of Kuwait said, “Our Social media platform is a key element of our success as it positively contributes to increasing our customers satisfaction rates as we effectively and promptly respond to their queries and help speed up managing their banking needs anytime, anywhere.” 

“At NBK, we successfully managed over the past years to establish a comprehensive digital mindset in which social media pages play a key role in raising awareness about our products and presenting new opportunities to attract more customers. This also allows us to analyze their feedback, leading to the development of our banking products and services”. Al-Rushaid added. 

He explained that over the last couple of years, followers of the bank’s social media sites grew by about 25%, pointing out that this steady growth and the large amount of interaction with NBK’s content reflect our leading position on social media and our keenness to present engaging content that manifests NBK’s leading role. 

Al- Rushaid highlighted that NBK’s social media pages provide its followers with the latest news, answer their inquiries, and inform them of the latest offers and exclusive discounts. It is also a key platform to launch innovative challenges and competitions to reward its customers and encourage them to constantly communicate with the bank. 

He stressed that NBK social media platforms play a major role in supporting various initiatives promoted by the regulatory authorities in Kuwait, as it partnered up with the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) in launching its awareness campaigns including “Let’s Be Aware”, in an effort to increase financial inclusiveness and disseminate educational materials and informative content through all social media platforms and other electronic channels. NBK is always keen on fostering a culture that promotes financial and banking awareness as part of its mission to further develop and promote customers' skills and assist them to make informed financial decision. 

Al-Rushaid added that the popularity of NBK’s official pages reflects that we are on the right path in term of the content we offer to our customers, as we successfully managed to maintain a stable growth rate in the banking sector. Our platform proved to be an effective tool to supporting numerous campaigns, especially in presenting distinctive competitions and exceptional prizes that are catered to our younger audience. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NBK’s social media accounts constantly provided comprehensive and integrated content for all segments of its followers, directed to raising their awareness toward the health impacts of the virus and encourage them to get vaccinated to do their part, so we can all go back to live a normal life. 

NBK continuously updates the content of its pages on social media sites, including educational and media awareness campaigns, in addition to entertainment content and challenging competitions that offers NBK followers the opportunity to enter draws for valuable prizes and exceptional rewards. NBK pages span across a wide range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, underscoring its keenness to keep pace with all developments to meet its customers’ needs and wishes, in addition to its constant endeavors to optimize its communication with followers on these platforms.