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In case of no withdrawal within the holding period, extra chances will apply.

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Multicurrency Prepaid Card


The NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card gives you the freedom to make transactions in the currency that suits you best. Additionally, you can avoid currency fluctuations abroad with locked-in exchange rates.

Who is it for?

The NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card is designed for travelers, so you can make convenient and hassle-free transactions abroad in 15 different currencies.

What do I get?

  1. Worldwide acceptance

  2. Various offers and promotions from Mastercard

  3. NBK Rewards Program

  4. Cash withdrawals at ATMs abroad as well as local NBK ATMs free of cost

What makes it special?

You can enjoy choosing from 15 different currencies and the ability to use any of them to make transactions.


The NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card has 15 currencies:


How Do I Get It?

You can create, load and order your NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card on your own through NBK Online Banking and NBK Mobile Banking App.

Fees And Charges

An annual fee of KD 15 will be charged for the NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card.

Tell Me More

  • Create and Load it via NBK Online Banking, NBK Mobile Banking App, at your nearest branch, or alternatively at time of purchase
  • The card can be used locally and internationally at point of sale terminals, for cash withdrawals and online purchases


  1. What is NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card?

    The NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card enables you to load up to 15 currencies in one card. It is the perfect way to control and manage your expenses. The NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card allows you to plan, budget and enjoy using your cards without having to worry about fluctuating exchange rates or unsafe locations for exchanging money. Now with the NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card you don’t have to carry multiple cards or cash in different currencies if you are visiting multiple destinations. It gives you the flexibility to reload the card through NBK Online Banking and NBK Mobile Banking. As it is a prepaid card, you only spend the money that you load on it locally and internationally.

  2. Who is eligible for NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card?

    Anyone above 18 years of age.

  3. How many currencies does the card hold?

    The NBK Multicurrency Prepaid Card has 15 currencies: USD – EUR – GBP – SGD – CHF – CAD – INR – OMR – JOD – AED – BHD – QAR – SAR – EGP – KWD.

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