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The minimum deposit is KD 50 and maximum deposit is KD 500,000.
In case of no withdrawal within the holding period, extra chances will apply

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    Dear Customers, On the occasion of Holy Prophet’s Birthday, National Bank of Kuwait will be closed on Thursday 28 September 2023. Duty will resume on Sunday 1 October 2023. NBK will continue providing its banking services at its branches in Kuwait International Airport, The Avenues, Grand Plaza-The Avenues, Khairan Outlet Mall & The Warehouse Mall, in addition to the ITM service, and NBK self-service branches. You can also contact us via our electronic channels NBK Call Center or NBK WhatsApp on 1801801, Mobile Banking service that is available at your convenience to serve your banking needs anywhere, anytime 24/7 or on our NBK Social Media channels. NBK wishes you a happy holiday.

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Loan Servicing


During your loan period, you might find yourself in one of the following situations:

Partial or full loan payment – you may want to settle your loan early, either partially or fully in order to reduce your monthly installment amount and/or the tenure i.e. the duration of the loan.

5-year interest rate review – If your loan has a tenure of more than five years, NBK will adjust your interest rate (either decreasing or increasing it) by not more than 2%. This will either increase or decrease your monthly installment amount, without impacting your loan maturity date (i.e. the date of your final installment). 

Who is it for?

All NBK Loanholders.

What do I get?

  1. For partial or full loan payment, you can always choose to pay back all or a portion of your loan early at any time – You don’t pay extra fees or charges for early settlement 

  2. If you partially advance your loan payment, your remaining principal balance will be decreased, as well as your remaining loan term – you will not be charged any future interest on your loan

  3. For the 5-year interest rate review, if your loan tenure is more than 5 years, as per Central Bank of Kuwait regulations, NBK will review your loan interest every 5 years

  4. The maximum increase or decrease in interest rate will not exceed 2% of the applicable interest rate

  5. Depending upon the Central Bank of Kuwait rate after 5 years, your installment amount will increase or decrease – please note that the interest rate change will not impact your loan maturity, your loan term will remain the same

  6. For example, if the current interest rate on your loan is 5.5%, and your loan was granted at 8.75%, the interest rate will be decreased at the end of 5 years to become 6.75% –  as the maximum change in interest rate will not exceed 2% based on Central Bank of Kuwait regulations. In such a case where the interest rate has decreased, your installment amount will decrease as well 

  7. In the future, depending upon the Central Bank of Kuwait rate, your installment amount will increase or decrease.

How do I get it?

  • Partial or full loan payment –  Please visit your nearest branch to apply
  • 5-year interest rate review – This will be automatically processed  after every five years from your loan grant date – application is not required


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