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The minimum deposit is KD 50 and maximum deposit is KD 500,000.

In case of no withdrawal within the holding period, extra chances will apply.

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Investment and Savings

Investment and Savings


Various investment Deposits
An investment deposit refers to the money that the customer deposits in an account with the bank so that the bank may hold onto it and invest it to achieve returns to the customer on that amount during certain periods of time. The customer has the right to recover the deposit amount after the lapse of the period specified in the contract.
Investment funds
An investment fund is a joint investment tool that enables the investment of participants’ money in order to achieve profits for them. The fund is managed by a manager specialized in this role for specific fees. The investment fields of these funds vary, and include stocks, bonds, commodities and financial markets.

Investment savings accounts
A savings account is an account in which the customer deposits the sums they wish to save, and the bank invests them and deposits the returns in the same account during specific periods of time. It differs from the deposit due to the possibility of withdrawing from the account and depositing into it at any time.
 "Short and long term investment plans"
Investment plans are a way to prepare for future needs such as providing an education for your children, launching a personal project, retirement, among others. These products can help people  save money in a bank account on a regular basis and are invested to achieve returns. The deposits are added to any return made during the period and are released at the expiration of the term.
Investment and risks:
Investments vary according to the degree of risk involved. Among the high-risk investments are those investments that are not subject to a supervisory authority that regulates its work and sets laws that guarantee an investor’s protection. Among these investments are cryptocurrencies, as they are not subject to the supervision of the Central Bank of Kuwait, or to the supervision of any institution neither at the national nor global level.

Cryptocurrencies are an asset that is used as a means of exchange for services or goods. They   are characterized by decentralization, difficulty in controlling their operations, and the lack of transparency and monitoring throughout their processes .Many trade in these virtual operations, hoping to achieve financial profits whenever the value of the cryptocurrency increases against major currencies such as the US dollar.  The spread of ads that promise huge profits on this type of investment increased speculation on crypto, but these ads do not explain the extreme volatility of the value of cryptocurrencies, as they rise and fall sharply and unpredictably, which led to some Investors making fortunes while many others have lost their wealth and savings.
Speculation in "Forex" (Foreign Exchange) is also among high-risk investments. Forex is a commercial process for exchanging foreign currencies, which take place through electronic applications that operate within a global currency exchange market. Often for reasons related to travel, import, export, etc. However, there are those who speculate in this market with the aim of achieving profits from changing currency rates.
The risks related to investing in Forex are related to the limited understanding of investors of the nature of the transactions that take place in this market, the factors affecting the movements of global currency prices, and the exploitation by some online brokerage companies. As well as the reliance of many traders on speculation, which increases the risks to a high degree, as well as the widespread activity of fraudulent online companies through adverts promoting quick profits.
Therefore, those who wish to invest must be well aware of the extent of the risks they take on and have a good understanding of their area of investment. Sound investments are based on knowledge and understanding. In contrast, investors should avoid investing in shadowy products or with entities that are not regulated by the state, and avoid trading based on speculation and illusions of quick profit, which are widely promoted online.