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The minimum deposit is KD 50 and maximum deposit is KD 500,000.

In case of no withdrawal within the holding period, extra chances will apply.

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  • Important Notice

    NBK will never ask you for your account number, card number, CVV, OTP/PIN numbers over the phone, Viber, WhatsApp or any other means. Please do not disclose your personal information to anyone. Learn more

Consumer Loan


Your lifestyle needs an upgrade - whether it’s a higher degree, a surgical procedure or a new computer, NBK has got you covered.


The Consumer Loan offers you greater flexibility for financing consumer or durable goods, education and medical expenses. Whether you want to shop for consumer goods or personal needs, the Consumer Loan fulfills all your basic needs in the most competitive, efficient and speedy manner.

Who can apply?

  • All NBK Customers
  • You should be younger than 70 years* at the maturity of the loan (*Terms and conditions apply)
  • Minimum salary should be KD 400

What is it for?

  • Consumer Loan is ideal for borrowing up to KD 25,000 for short-term use
  • Consumer Loan may be used to buy consumer or durable goods e.g. Furniture, electronics, cars, etc.
  • Consumer loan can also be used to pay for education or medical expenses

Interest rates

  • NBK Loans provide competitive interest rates – the current interest rate on a new loan is fixed at just 7.25% per annum and calculated on a reducing balance basis
  • Use the NBK Loan Calculator for an idea of how often and how much your payments will be

What should I know?

  • NBK makes loans flexible for you – you can take out a minimum of KD 1,000 and maximum of KD 25,000
  • Your loan period can be from 12 to 60 months
  • You have the option to insure your loan
  • You can settle the loan early at any time without paying any fees or future interest


What do I need?

  • A copy of your Civil ID
  • Your salary certificate
  • A salary transfer continuation certificate