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NBK Miles Program


You fly so much it could be your job - whether you travel for work or pleasure, you could definitely use more benefits and rewards for every flight, hotel stay and purchase you make.

Get NBK Miles Points every time you shop (in store or online), get cash advances or make payments in Kuwait and abroad. You get even more NBK Miles Points when using your card abroad. You can redeem your NBK Miles Points online and use them to book flights, hotels, car rentals, sightseeing tours, purchase e-vouchers or e-gift cards and redeem them at more than 185 local and international brands, or sports event tickets, and when you redeem your NBK Miles Points, you will also earn miles with the airlines' miles program.

NBK Miles Program also allows you to exchange your NBK Miles Points with any other airline or hotel rewards program. This way you can increase your loyalty balance and enjoy the best offers from your preferred airlines.

You can also easily exchange your NBK Miles Points at the best retailers around the world easily through the NBK Miles Program Website.

Who is it for?

NBK Miles Program is applicable for:

What Do I Get?

  • You will earn NBK Miles Points on all transactions, regardless of the amount and where you spend it
  • Card transactions include local, overseas, in-store purchases, online payments and purchases, as well as cash advances
  • You can fly on over 800 airlines (major airlines and low-cost airlines), to any destination, from any destination, and on any route
  • There are no black-out dates for travel and no limitations on airline seats
  • Your NBK Miles Points expire 3 years from the date of earning;
    i.e. existing points earned on 31st December 2020 will expire on 31st December 2023
  • Hotel redemption - Book accommodations at more than 150,000 hotels globally
  • Car rental redemption - Rent a car from the best international car rental companies
  • You will earn airline rewards points in addition to NBK Miles Points
  • Special offers from retailers - Visit NBK Online Banking to view the latest offers

What Makes It Special?

  • Get 3 NBK Miles Points for every KD 1 spent locally
  • Get 5 NBK Miles Points for every KD 1 spent internationally

How Can I Redeem NBK Miles Points?

  • You can redeem your NBK Miles Points conveniently through NBK Online Banking to book your travel
  • You can manage your bookings easily 24/7 via WhatsApp on +965 97712790
  • For any enquiries on your travel tickets, hotel reservations and more, you can reach out to our partner representatives 24/7 via NBK Call Center 1801801

How do I sign up?

Tell me more

Only the primary cardholder of the NBK Miles World Mastercard Credit Card can register for the NBK Miles Program.


  1. When can I start earning NBK Miles Points? How does the NBK Miles Program work?

    When using NBK Miles World Mastercard Credit Card for the first time, or when using an NBK Credit Card for the first time which has NBK Miles Program, each cardholder will get 10,000 NBK Miles Bonus Points regardless of the amount spent using the card. After the first usage of the card, every KD 1 spent in Kuwait gives 3 Miles Points, and every KD 1 spent abroad gives 5 Miles Points.

  2. Where can I use my NBK Credit Cards that have NBK Miles Program to earn NBK Miles Points?

    You get NBK Miles Points when using your card(s) in Kuwait and/ or abroad for point of sale/ in-store purchases, for online purchases and payments (including bill payments), and for cash advances on your card.


  3. Which airlines and hotels are included? Are the hotels limited to a specific region?

    NBK Miles Program lets you redeem your NBK Miles Points at over 800 airlines, which include most major international airlines and budget airlines. The program also includes more than 150,000 hotels worldwide, as well as most of the well-known international brand names of car rental companies such as Budget, Avis, Ace, Hertz and others.

NBK Miles Points Calculator